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City Znojmo (Czech Republic)

Znojmo is a small old Czech town on the Dyje River, located in a hilly area of ​​South Moravia, not far from borders of the Czech Republic and Austria.

The main wealth of the city and the region (except for interesting attractions) – wine. In the city and surrounding area 16 wineries, and vineyards occupy 3,500 hectares. Mostly here they make white wines – Sauvignon, Riesling, Grüner Veltliner. Ideal natural and climatic conditions help produce winemakers one of the best in the world of white wines.

Znojmo Vineyards Vineyards Znojmo

Znojmo was founded almost a thousand years ago in 1055. In the first half of the 13th century Znojmo was transformed by king Premysl Otakar I to the royal city. Until the middle of the thirteenth century defensive functions. Modern Znojmo – food center industry. It produces wine, fruit and vegetables. canned food. There are also a lot of monuments preserved in the city. Middle Ages.

Panorama Znojmo Panorama Znojmo

How to get to Znojmo?

Getting to Znojmo is more convenient from Brno. The distance is only 70 km, to Prague – 190 km. See the schedule and buy tickets here -http: //jizdnirady.idnes.cz/vlakyautobusymhdvse/spojeni/

Sights of Znojmo

Probably the density of attractions Znojmo takes leading position in the Czech Republic. In a small town preserved ancient fortress walls, the ancient rotunda of the 12th century, the castle and the majestic gothic church.

Church of St. Nicholas Church of sv. Nikolay

Church of sv. Nicholas (kostel sv. Mikuláše) – the old church, towering on a cliff above the river Dyje. The church was built in 1338 until the second half of the 15th century on the site of an old Romanesque church 12 century.

Fortress tower Fortress tower

Fortress Tower (Vlkova věž) – 32 Gothic tower meter, built in the 14th century, part of the old fortifications of the city.

Castle in Znojmo Castle in Znojmo

Znojmo Castle (Znojemský hrad) – a castle with a very rich history is closely related to the history of the city. Was restored to mid 18th century. Now here is the Moravian Museum.

Rotunda of St. Catherine Rotunda of sv. Catherine

Rotunda of sv. Catherine (kaple sv. Kateřiny) – rotunda the beginning of the 12th century with the oldest (of the surviving) Romanesque frescoes. Located near the walls of the old castle. Also from here a breathtaking view of the surroundings.

Town Hall Town hall

Town Hall with a Gothic tower, built in the first half of 15 century. The old tower of the 13th century was destroyed during a fire.

A short video about Znojmo

Maps and guides

Map and attractions of the surrounding area Map Znojmo

Znojmo on the map of the Czech Republic

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