Traveling Denmark

Travel in Denmark – a short essay tourist, my impressions.

Denmark is truly the “Pearl of Scandinavia” which keeps imagine the treasures of culture and history. Country, where was born – Hans Christian Andersen, the great storyteller, which points to fabulousness of this wonderful country.

The capital of Denmark - CopenhagenThe capital of Denmark is Copenhagen

Denmark is located on the Jutland peninsula and is adjacent to Germany and Sweden. This beautiful country is washed by the North and Baltic Sea. Since there are many estates in Denmark that conquered by kings in the distant past, then for tourists here paradise. The most favorite cities that everyone should visit who, at least once there will be – this is the most beautiful capital of Denmark Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg, Ribe. Palaces, cathedrals, castles, churches it all just fascinates the gaze of any person, tradition countries that are rich in Viking culture.

Aalborg from aboveAalborg from a bird’s eye view

Denmark – museums and nature

In Denmark, more than 700 museums: in the museum in Roskilde you can see on a real Viking ship that was raised from the bottom of the sea. On Viking treasures can be viewed at Aalborg Museum. In Denmark, a lot beautiful lakes, cliffs and high cliffs, plains and hills with wonderful green forests – nature is the main wealth and The peculiarity of this country, it is alive and fascinating here. AT Safar Park on Lolland Island is home to animals like zebras, elephants, giraffes, rhinos. Everyone who has ever been in the country says that “Denmark is a dreamland.” Holidays with children will be held here. unforgettable, as for this there are parks for recreation, and water parks, and great beaches. Children will have something to do, as well as opportunity to work with fantasy, to do drawing.

For young people there will also be something to get carried away on the island Bornholm are the best yacht clubs and constantly raging night a life. On the island of Lolland you can play golf, fish, go cycling.


The capital of Denmark is Copenhagen

City where you can see all the best sights Denmark is Copenhagen, a city in which there are towers and bell towers, Amalienborg Palace, Marble Cathedral, Arsenal Museum. Here presents collections of medieval clothing, carriages and weapons, the palace Christiansborg, as well as the sculpture of the famous little mermaid, near which is constantly a lot of tourists.

The famous little mermaid, CopenhagenThe famous little mermaid, Copenhagen

Also in Copenhagen is Denmark’s most famous park for entertainment Tivoli, a place that from April until the fall visits from three million people. There are fountains in the park, beautiful lakes, Tivoli Palace, theaters, restaurants, disco playgrounds and, of course, a lot of rides.

The main feature that ruled Denmark is the king and queen. And this a tradition that everyone has honored and preserved for many centuries, the national pride is present everywhere. Danish residents are open, friendly and very welcoming. Beer and fun is also tradition for the Danes.

Denmark - rural landscapesDenmark – rural landscapes

You can talk endlessly about Denmark, but you should just see everything. with my own eyes. This is a country where everyone will find what he is interested. and like: whether it be medieval castles, provincial rural churches, and the best amusement parks, and picturesque lakes. Everywhere You can find a place of interest that will inspire you.

Denmark on the map

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