Schengen lifehacks

Most loyal visa centers for Italians, French, Greeks and Spaniards.

Speaking of the French … In the “multiple” column, tick, not hesitate. This suggests that you want to drive to them repeatedly.

We submit papers to that visa center or consulate, where going on vacation. Fly to Germany and get Schengen in Italian embassy is a bad idea.

Certificate of employment is no longer required. Confirm solvency of oneself and one’s companion (wife / child, etc.) can be a simple bank statement, only the amount should be two times the minimum.

Advice: we credit money at least three days before we take statement In the future, they can be used as soon as they have surrendered all documents. In this case, the greater the amount on the account, the more probability of a long-term visa. If possible, take in debt for 3 days with friends / relatives, then after the delivery of documents just Return the money.

Most consulates do not need paid air ticket reservations and hotels.

Here are the airlines operating on this principle: Turkish Airlines, Korean Air, United, EuropeAir, AirFrance, AirBerlin, Qatar, AirBaltic.

To confirm your stay, simply attach the booking with Booking with free cancellation. Book tickets and accommodation (better apartments) for a longer period. Show that you have serious plans for tourism in this country! Better yet, confirm what are you going to ride in several countries European Union.

If you can get an invitation for several months from a person from the country where you are going, or you have long-term lease agreement is 100% bingo. But you should already to be a Schengen, duly executed and issued no more than 3 years ago. Besides, attention – the Spaniards! They are all on the side, can primary visa for more than a year to give.

How much did you get a visa and in which consulate did you receive it write in the comments!

Author – @travel_kiddy

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