Zvikov Castle

Zvikov Castle – a detailed description of the photo, mode of operation, location of the castle Zvikov on the map.

Zvikov Castle (Czech Republic)

Zvikov – an ancient royal castle in the Czech Republic, standing in a picturesque place in the bend of the Vltava. It was built in the 13th century by the dynasty. Przemylovich. This is a wonderful example of medieval Czech architecture. The castle is located between Prague and České Budějów is not far from the town of Pisek.

The construction of the castle began under King Wenceslas I, who was very He loved this castle, and continued under Premysl Otakar I. Bye Karlstein was built in Zvikov kept royal regalia. After the end of construction of the castle of Charles IV, Zvikov’s value fell. In during the Hussite Wars, the castle was captured by the Hussites, although it remained royal until 1575. During the Thirty Years War, the garrison the castle successfully resisted the invaders, but then gave up and was disbanded. Later, the castle became the property of Schwarzenberg.

The center of the fortified fortress is a high residential tower. Her walls about 3 meters thick are made of huge monolithic stones. Zvikov endured many sieges, traces of which are still visible on its walls.

Operation mode:

Zvikov Castle is closed to the public – November, December, January, February March.

April – October is open only on weekends from 9.30 to 15.30.

May – September Zvikov works from 9.00 to 16.00 (17.00 at August).

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Zvikov location on the map

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