Marseille and the Mediterranean coast

To go on an independent journey through Europe by car and not to visit the azure coast of France – this is the present the crime! And although everyone around us warned that Marseille is now the epicenter of strikes that scavengers fundamentally do not go to work, and the streets are full stinking garbage bags, we still decided to go there. First of all, because in Marseille, we were waiting for a very interesting overnight stay on the yacht on the yacht (what is the list), secondly, because we wanted to swim nearby in some secluded cove on the Mediterranean coast and, thirdly, well, it’s azure shore after all (la Cote d’Azur)!

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Where to stay in Marseille

Since whispering doesn’t suit everyone, we don’t often we use it, especially with a child, and hotels in Europe are better To book in advance, here I will recommend you:

  • Hipark Résidence Marseille Marseille and the Mediterranean coast
  • Adagio Access Marseille Saint Charles Marseille and the Mediterranean coast

Do not forget to check discounts on the Roomguru service where you can see prices for the same hotel in different booking systems. On the example of hotels above:

  • Hipark Résidence Marseille Marseille and the Mediterranean coast
  • Adagio Access Marseille Saint Charles Marseille and the Mediterranean coast

one cheaper, the other more expensive, but both are great hotels. Well and how we lived on a yacht, read below :)

Arrival to Marseille

We arrived in Marseille in the evening, we were a little around looking for right port and parking – and here we are on the yacht. The first test – get on the boat with all our sleeping bags and things. Ladders for teapots like us, is not provided, and the nose of the yacht pretty high. Well, since the third or fourth, we have overcome art of climbing and feeling real experienced sailors. The yacht itself was small, inside the so-called kitchen with the table being transformed into a bed, in the nose one more bed for two people who like to sleep in close conditions, and in the tail of the boat the big bed where the host himself and his children slept welcome.

Night marseille

Having dined together and having talked on various topics, our the glorious four went on an introductory walk through the night Marcel. The show, I must say, not for the faint of heart. Besides various aromas from all over the place huge piles or just on the pavement of packages with garbage, very it was uncomfortable to meet the excessively noisy, apparently twisted, and carefully examining the Arab youth. As strange as as if the young french had already gone to bed, and the arab – on the contrary just now woke up and went hunting.

But whether we were not so interesting prey for them, or This is generally a mistaken idea of ​​their aggressiveness, and in fact Indeed, they are simply much more emotional than we, thank God, we don’t fell a chance to find out on their own experience. The city of Marseille is the second largest city in France, and by the Arabs population in it, almost the first. It is said to be due to the fact that the coast of the Mediterranean the seas and the south of France are the closest and most comfortable for the climate of them.

The night shore of the Mediterranean, the city of Marseille

Night shore of the Mediterranean, city of Marseille

Night city of Marseille

Night city of Marseille

A little dirty Marcel.

Dirty Marseille due to the scavenger strike

On a yacht

We slept that night perfectly under the lulling swaying and bursts of waves of the Mediterranean on board the yacht. And in the morning we were waiting coffee and delicious french breakfast aft. Niko, master of the ship, not rents apartments, and year-round is going to live on his boat. From his stories, we realized that if you do not have in addition to the yacht an apartment, a car in the garage and a permanent job that you need walking every day, then owning a boat is very profitable for money and convenient.

It turns out that all those for whom the yacht is just another toy, go on it at sea just 5 times a year, everything else time she stands in the port, and they pay a monthly rent boat-place, that in the amount for the year goes significantly. More and the more expensive the yacht – the greater the payment. If you live on your ship and periodically go on it at sea, it turns out even cheaper what to rent an apartment in the same city of Marseilles, because you have to pay only for those days when you stand in the port. Niko doesn’t have a new yacht about 20 years, these cost from 6 thousand euros.

French breakfast on a yacht

French breakfast on a yacht

Tea, baguettes, honey, jam

Tea, baguettes, honey, jam

Our yacht is somewhere here

Somewhere here is our yacht

We spent the night in this port

We spent the night in this port

Ordinary morning, ordinary inhabitants of Marseille

Normal morning, ordinary inhabitants of Marseille

Marseille afternoon

After breakfast in a nice interesting company, having a photo session on the stern of the yacht (where do without it), we went to explore sights of marseille. We were very lucky with the weather, it was sunny and unexpectedly warm after cold poland and cool Germany. On the advice of Niko, first of all climbed to the lookout Notre-Dame de la Garde and Notre-Dame de la Garde went inside the temple. More spacious there than in our churches, and most importantly, lighter. Candles that you can take yourself from the shelf, dropping in a special box of 1 euro, benches, special stands, so as not to kneel directly on the floor – in general, as in the whole of Europe, everything for people. This is where the mentality begins!

Cathedral of Notre-Dame de la Garde, the city of Marseille

Cathedral Notre-Dame de la Garde, Marseille city

In the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de la Garde, the city of Marseille

In the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de la Garde, the city of Marseille

In the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de la Garde, the city of Marseille

In the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de la Garde, the city of Marseille

Expressions of gratitude in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de la Garde

Expressions of gratitude in the cathedral of Notre Dame de la Garde

City of Marseille with a bird's eye view

Aerial view of Marseille

City of Marseille and the Mediterranean coast

Marseille and the Mediterranean coast

Bathing in the cold sea

Well, the highlight of our program was swimming on the coast The Mediterranean! Having departed from Marseilles 50 kilometers, we found a secluded cove and parking for cars. Bathing, of course, our action is also difficult to call: undressed, warmed up, ran into the water, swam there and a rocket jumped out, the water temperature in the Mediterranean at this time is no higher than degrees 16. But you can imagine how the French walked along the shore looked at all this jackets ?!

One elderly couple could not stand it and even approached us so that to clarify, maybe we are doing this on a dispute. I had to explain that we just really like to swim on the Mediterranean coast, and since we are tempered, cold water is not so bad for us.

There in the parking lot another couple became interested in our car: like Renault, like Dacia, and Logan is written. Talked to them told myself that we are from Russia, that we decided to ride independently to Europe by car. Actually, I noticed that the French are very easy to start a conversation with strangers and sincerely They are interested in what they ask.

Mediterranean Coast

Mediterranean coast

Cold Mediterranean.

Cold Mediterranean.

The place where we swam was very cozy and later we even regretted not having stayed there for the night in a tent by the sea, It was still half a day ahead and the road called us further.

Doesn't the skull remind you of it?

Nothing reminds you of this nice building? :)

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