Why you should not go to Thailand for permanent residence – review Russian tourist!

Quite a few Russians are leaving for PMSH in Thailand. The extent of the gap with the historic homeland is so complete that they Everything is for sale, including housing. However, appearing from all over family in this exotic country, some of them are very quickly realize that the touch of romance and brilliance is extremely thin, and under it stick sharp reefs of everyday life. But to admit to making a mistake is very difficult, even to myself. Therefore, stereotypes about easy and a serene life in Thailand, confusing and knocking down the true path other gullible.

Attention! The article was prepared on the subjective recall of one Russian tourist, our freelance subscriber who moved to Thailand for permanent residence, which, in order to avoid critics in your address, wished to remain anonymous. So that criticize comments :)

Where will we work?

Let’s start the narration of his review with “ease” get a visa for life in Thailand. If a tourist for 3 and 6 months to receive will not make special work without the right work for hire, then working – is almost impossible. Thanks to the list of prohibited specialties, almost all hired labor for foreigners (farang) is closed, but to get an official permit to work deserve approval from a local company as a reference for migration service.

Who can you work without official permission? Answer simple – no one. Russian in Thailand on PMZHmogut can work without fear only freelancers, because to prove the implementation of such activities are very difficult. You ask: “And how does the work gidomiliphotogram? “After all, it’s almost the main encouraging points that Russians count, dreaming to go to Thailand for permanent residence.

Some fine-tuning jobs when moving to PMZhperechislenyav article “How to find a job in Thailand. ”

Yes, you can get a guide. However, moreover, that work requires a high level of moral preparedness so she still illegal and constantly monitored by the Thai police in the form of raids on tourist sites. And corruption in law enforcement agencies of Thailand – a permanent phenomenon, The minimum farang bribe is $ 1,000. But if agree not work, you will have to experience all the charms living in a thai prison.

Working as a freelancer in Thailand

With photographers, too, things are not so sweet because of illegality of this specialty and high competitiveness. If you decide to work not through the company, but on yourself, then unwind among a large number of professionals it will be very difficult.

Freelancers who decide to move to live in Thailand, there will be its difficulties, which we describe in next article. Anyway, this is the most appropriate (and so popular) specialty for a happy life most Russians in this country.

Significantly simplified PYMV Thailand to those who have for back one or more real estate that you can pass in rent. In this case, with the best scenario, you can not work and be with money. But that’s another story.

Language problems

We continue the review of our subscriber with a single stereotype saying that the Russian language is the most difficult in the world. There is nothing harder languages ​​of peoples living on the Indochina Peninsula. They phonetic. Minor change in the tone of the spoken word can turn a courteous greeting into a dirty curse. Read the Thai secret article. language.

Yes, in Thailand a network of language courses is well developed, where you can learn English. Only now willing (or rather able) visit them among the Thais a little. Local merchants and guides content with a limited supply of foreign words making possible communication with farangs. The rest of the mass of Thais do not will understand, even if you really want it. After all, even the sign language they are different.

But, having even more or less learned the language of the locals, you never become a part of their society, as can happen in Germany or France. On your way there will be differences in mentality.

Local Themis and Thai Mentality

Before you go to live in Thailand, be prepared to accept no offense and simple complexes the truth: farang is always wrong there! Even though that this country’s budget is 6% made up of money that bring tourists. And the fact that the official policy aims to cultivate friendliness and hospitality. For Thais the tourism industry is the parallel universe with which they want nothing to do except money.

The mentality of the Thais and attitude to farangam

Even after moving to permanent residence and having lived in Thailand for several decades, you will not cease to be farang, a source of enrichment. Only seeing a European, the merchant raises the price twice, therefore it is important be able to bargain in Thai markets. This is similar to how in the provinces they are Muscovites, only much more brazenly and uncovered. For the local corrupt tourist police, you also a source of income. They will explain the amount of the bribe to you, but it is very difficult to prove their innocence and rightness, even with irrefutable evidence (about this next article).

Also forget about the law protecting the rights of consumers for farang it doesn’t work. Bought a substandard thing? It’s your problems, exchange for another or get money back work out. Well, especially persistent will definitely come to get acquainted local police.

About moving with children

And arrived Thailand for permanent residence with children, and acquiring them already in place claim that the children in this country emergency comfortable. Of course, what could be better for growing body than an abundance of heat, natural fruits and tender sea? But, besides comfort, the child must communicate with peers. And this opportunity he will be very limited. Just go out into the yard and play can not (if you do not live In the Russian settlement not far from Pattaya), it is necessary go to kindergarten, get settled in Russian schools, and arrange family meetings with compatriots.

Moving to Thailand for permanent residence with children

Another argument for “Pros” is the opinion that the child will learn many languages. Perhaps a child will learn Thai, Other European countries will be mastered much worse than in ordinary Russian school. After all, many teachers have gained knowledge on the same linguistic courses, due to which errors and distortions multiply many times.

The level of general education in Thai schools, the language is not turns to say quality, so extra classes with tutors are inevitable.

Now you know how Russians live in Thailand can rate how crazy the idea move here from Russia. Not only It is worth a move with the winter, spending 2-3 month in the Land of Smiles in the period, we will not have time feel for yourself all that was retold your follower, the continuation of which you found the article “The difficulties of working as a freelancer in Thailand. ”

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