Rules of conduct or what not to do in Thailand

As many know, all countries of the world have their own rules behaviors and traditions. However strange they may seem, any the visitor is obliged to observe them. Somewhere this is followed more strictly, somewhere practically do not pay attention. In countries Asia, possessing an ancient culture, such foundations and traditions have been formed over the centuries, so an approach to respecting them and respecting extremely strict. If a foreigner cannot do something, It means impossible and nothing else. Thailand in this regard is not the exception. Ignorance of local traditions and general rules is not justify their violations. So, in this article we will sort the question what not to do in Thailand, what can be.

The authorities of Thailand are very complacent towards tourists, but not it is worth checking their tolerance for violators of established Thai laws. Going on holiday to Thailand, you should remember a few simple “no”. This knowledge will help a foreigner to understand the internal structure of the country, to protect themselves from possible misunderstandings and do not spoil your wonderful holiday, observing rules of conduct in Thailand. About which troubles may be waiting for you, read the material “Dangers Of Thailand. ”

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So, what is forbidden to do in Thailand:

  1. It is forbidden to allow disrespectful remarks about Buddhism, Buddha and otherwise insult religious beliefs locals. Intending to visit any temple, it is necessary take care of decent and non-defiant clothing covering knees and shoulders. In most popular tourist temples the dress code is valid and they will be given a special cape, but better pick up clothes by yourself.
  2. It is impossible to export any images and images from Thailand. Buddhas
  3. Desecrate places and objects revered by locals.
  4. In Thailand, a person cannot enter a house or temple shod.
  5. Touching Buddhist monks to females. Buddha servants need to show their respect, and in their Presence is forbidden to cross legs.
  6. Allow disrespectful remarks about the King of Thailand and members of his family, about all previous rulers. Punishment for such action even provides for imprisonment.
  7. Do not point objects or people in Thailand with your finger or foot. While in the temple, watch your toes – they should not be directed to a statue of Buddha, for example, a statue of Big Buddha on Phuket
  8. It is forbidden to touch the locals for the head, because it is for these are the most important and revered part of the body.
  9. It is not recommended to hug the locals, showing sympathy or expressing approval, the usual words of thanks will be enough
  10. You can not copy the gesture of the local residents of Thailand called “wai” is a bow with hands folded in a certain way. The gesture has several options with its value. Sign bow thanks can be done, not only first, but in response to “wai” from thai.
  11. It is forbidden to write in red ink the names of people on anything. This color is intended for the dead, and for a living person. he may mean death wish.
  12. You can’t call a waiter in Thailand by raising a finger up – you need to raise your hand and squeeze it into a fist.
  13. Leave chopsticks after a meal in a plate that serves bad omen. The Thai sticks themselves are not often used for food then what do thai eat?
  14. You can not refuse in Thailand from food – do not want to eat, just try it, otherwise you will cause a deep insult.
  15. It is forbidden to order in the company with Thai people individually for yourself – in Thailand it is customary to divide food into all
  16. It is impossible for loving couples to openly show their emotions and feelings in Thailand. This country adheres to strict rules in maintaining family values.
  17. Touch female locals without their consent. Such an act may be considered an insult. Should know that Only 1 percent of all taheks associated with sex tourism in Thailand.
  18. You can not sunbathe on the beaches of Thailand completely naked or topless (how to sunbathe in Thailand).
  19. Raise voice, openly express irritation or impatience in public places of the country.
  20. You can not run quadcopter without official permission possible serious problems.


As you can see, the rules of conduct in Thailand are quite simple and observe them will not be difficult. In Thailand come for rest and relaxation. Receive them with a smile, enjoy wonderful nature and setting, not forgetting some “no”.

Appreciate and respect the manners and traditions of the locals, and they they will repay you with a warm welcome, a friendly attitude, they will all the help you need to quickly adapt to this amazing region, will create all conditions for an unforgettable vacation. Showing attention to the values ​​of the people of Thailand, you can feel their spiritual life and perhaps better understand this original country.

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