Why is life in Thailand better than Russia?

Thailand is increasingly attracting foreigners as an interesting place to their residence. In the last century, especially in the 90s, this the region was still being studied. Years have passed, the country has developed, life in Thailand settled down, luring an increasing number people from foreign countries to live permanently basis.

This amazing region attracts Europeans from a variety of countries. Russia in this matter is not in the last positions, sending representatives to Thailand. Moreover, the majority seeks here not for the material goods that are here abound, but for earnings. Opportunities to provide There is a lot of financial well-being in this country, but success is not all.

Visitors to rest or winter in Thailand with money, may well afford to open any business in Thailand or acquire Thai housing for later letting. Most of the age-old Germans cannot live with themselves in Germany, having the same level of wealth live in the same prosperity, as in this country, so they come to Thailand. Their pensions it is enough to open an account in a Thai bank, receive on it interest and normal residence in the country, only having issued a pension visa Thailand.

At this, many retirees in Thailand do not stop, they acquire young wives from taek and even become fathers. AT the result is a mixed population (note the Thai girls with mixed blood, they are often more beautiful “purebreds”), which appears more and more among the local population. A mixed population is obtained from visitors from all countries.

Life in Thailand is attractive to many. Many of our compatriots found refuge in this wonderful country of South-Asian region. Most resident foreigners in this Asian country does not want to return to their homeland, because the conditions there are less attractive. Thailand is ready provide visitors with not only shelter, but also opportunities for profitable investment of free financial assets. It is for investment account and the level of development of the country. Foreigners, putting millions of dollars into the economy attractiveness of the region. It turns out a kind of vicious circle (read more about the pros and cons of Thailand).

Investments in a significant amount are directed to the tourism sector, which received at their expense a developed infrastructure that allows attract tourists from all over the world and get substantial profit. It is obvious to everyone that the Thai have succeeded in this business. Having been in the country, seeing life in Thailand, visiting picturesque corners of the country, many tourists think and decide settle in such wonderful climatic conditions to which attached sea, cheap food and cheap real estate. Russia, whatever region we take, will not be able to provide its citizens the same features as the resort city of Pattaya or the island Phuket

Russia in the near future will not create the same quality living conditions that are available in Thailand where people are live, not survive throughout the allotted time. A life rush through completely unnoticed, but see something in it memorable may not work. And the people of Russia in some Questions are to blame for themselves, dismissive of their history and culture, to nature and to themselves. Surely many were witnessing the “cleanliness” of our beaches and the sea in the resort cities when resenting lying and floating debris through some time left on the place of rest the same waste. Local residents of Thailand and those who come there for permanent residence never will not allow this.

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