Types of Internet in Thailand and its cost

In our age of high technology, almost all people use the Internet. People can not do without him a day. Because for many tourists, visiting Thailand, you must have at least some the number of minutes of daily access to the network. Let’s try Understand the features of the Internet in Thailand: we learn its shape, cost and speed specifications.

ADSL Internet

For a time was the most common Thailand and the entire planet as a whole. Now he goes to the past since this connection cannot provide speed transfer data according to the requirements of modern users.

In short, ADSL Internet is considered a connection, wherein the telephone cable is inserted into a specialized network connector (modem) laptop or PC. It is this cable delivers us the desired megabytes of information.

Operators providing ADSL Internet in Thailand:

  • True move
  • 3BB (Triple T)
  • Tot

In addition to these 3 whales, there are in various provinces of the country own little players. So the tourist will not have problems with connecting the described Internet.

I want to make a reservation that the ADSL Internet is more suitable for those foreign tourists who came for a very long rest in Thailand. After all, to connect to the Internet you need to have a stable place to stay (to rent housing in Thailand period of six months or have Thai real estate). You will also have to go to the provider’s office enter into a contract, and most often for European tourists (Thais called such “farangami”) the smallest term of the agreement is 1 year, that is, you have to pay for the year ahead. But what do people who arrived in Thailand just a month?

We can reassure you, you probably will not find yourself without a network in Thailand. Countless Wi-Fi connectivity zones, as well as large-scale network of 3G Internet capture every tourist area country.

Wi-Fi Internet

Almost in any hotel, cafe, guesthouse and some other places Thailand, where tourists rest, there are Wi-Fi hotspots connections. But to use them, you must have on hand a device that has a Wi-Fi modem, for example, take it with you to rest tablet or laptop.

3G mobile internet

To use the mobile Internet in Thailand travelers need to purchase a phone SIM card, and also connect the package of services. This can be done in any mobile phone shop. If you do not want to use 3G Internet from a smartphone, and if you need it in a laptop or when there’s no Wi-Fi and cable in the vicinity. can help 3G modem. It can also be purchased in all Thai cell phone stores. On average, such a modem costs – 1000 baht

Firms that provide 3G Internet in Thailand:

  • True move
  • AIS 1-2 Call
  • TOT
  • DTAC

Internet prices in Thailand

Wi-Fi – a free point can be found almost everywhere – in a cafe, in your hotels, he will almost without exception gratuitous, but there are hotels where you have to pay for it from 50 rubles. (baht) per day.

ADSL – I use the services of the company “3BB”: 590 baht – for 10 Mbps Other operators have a similar cost on ADSL Internet.

3G – currently the most economical package of services given by AIS 1-2 Call (mobile operator). 4 weeks 799 baht out (with unlimited package for a month). It is up to 3 Gb transmitted data at maximum speed. Over 3 Gb – 384 kb / s If you do not download the movie, then you can completely use it.

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