Is the word “farang” considered an insult?

Farang is the word for people come from another country, sometimes in an insulting tone. AT In Thailand, locals usually say “farang” or – phalanxes. But is it considered an insult? let’s let’s deal with what it means.

What do the Thais want to say, calling a tourist farang?

So, farangs in Thailand refer to designation of all foreigners arriving from another country white skin. People with black skin color (from USA, England or other Western countries) also did not stand aside, but they are not called otherwise, like black farang. If you speculate logically, there is nothing offensive about this slovenet. This, by in fact, the usual description of the status of a person who came to rest in Thailand.

Let’s give an example. When locals say: “Husband this woman is farang. “They mean that this man is not is taytsemi it is not considered an insult, but if they they will say: “This man is a full farang!” – this is already possible count as an insult. Thais refer to farangam is a separate topic.

Farang is also the name of the fruit.

However, let’s understand further. Farang is also called here guava fruit. It turns out a play on words. Eat in front of your familiar thai fruit of guava, and they can not restrain not to laugh at you: “Farang eats farang.”

A number of products imported to Thailand from Europe are called the word farang. Well-known to us greens, parsley here is named phak chii farang. If you translate, it will turn out like farang cilantro.

Where did the word forager come from?

There is no single point of view from where this word originated. there is the version that it came from the French is farangset. But there is a serious argument against this version: Thais traded with Western countries even before the first French for the first time entered the Thai land.

According to another theory, the Portuguese are to blame, because they For the first time, guava was brought to Thailand. At the same time they lived oniv terrain, which was called Baan Farang. Further logic is simple – first Portuguese traders became farangs, and then already all foreigners.

But the version that is most plausible, and all the fault Persian, from which this word has come to Thailand. On Persian farangi, in fact, means: “Alien”. In a country like India, all foreigners also referred to as “farangi”. Well, what’s the word migrated to Thailand, of course, it is not difficult to guess.

By the way, Japanese has its own word, which was given to foreigners, and this word is gajin. If not insult then neglect in this word is clearly present.

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