Why the insurance company does not pay? Possible the reasons

If you consider yourself so healthy and lucky in terms of unforeseen circumstances, this is not a reason to refuse health insurance, especially if you are going to visit Indochina Peninsula. In Thailand, you can be sure how adapted to tropical life, pampered comfort man European blood. In this kingdom, the insurance business has its national characteristics. In this article we will tell you about what to do if the insurance company does not pay or long draws with the payment, as well as why it happens at all.

Distribution of responsibility

The insurance business is pretty tricky, but the saddest thing is the client is that the main goal is to make a profit, rather than providing you with services. Responsibility for the insured event equally divided between several organizations that form chain. Practical activities link at the very end of it. The insurance company that gives you the policy just has contact with customer services, which are called “assistance”, and only from them begins the path to the clinic, where you will provide medical care. Insurance Assistance companies, in turn, may have a connection with another intermediary. Usually the number of intermediaries depends on the cost. insured event. The more expensive it is, the greater the number of intermediate points will have to pass the patient.

Which assistants are worth paying attention to, and which are not – written in an article about finding a medical insurance policy through site Cherehapa, the widget of which we placed below.Through it you can insure yourself in one of the most well-known insurance companies (Rosgosstrakh, Alfa, Reso, VTBi others.).

Insurance case

So the adventure quest ended with a disease, injury, or mutilate You are calling on the telephone given by the insurance company in medical assistance and report what happened. Will listen to you operator who is interested to know: what happened and where you you are. After that, he calls the clinic (this is an ideal case) or another assistant and makes a request for assistance.

If you think that the doctor will immediately begin treatment, then are mistaken. This will only happen if the operator understood the essence of the incident and he is entitled to dispose of the amount of travel insurance, which will notify the clinic of warranty by letter. If the symptoms are unclear, the clinic will examine and notify the assistance of the cost of treatment. Independent decision he can only accept if the price of providing services is not beyond the limits of his authority, and the report of the clinic does not cause him of doubt. Of course, for this, he must have a medical Education, in the assistance there are such. For fun, you can read The article “What to look for when making insurance in Thailand”.

Assistance has no money, they are given by the insurance company. To this the bundle worked flawlessly, they have to be long and trust business relationships. However, often insurance the company refuses to pay without checking the bill from clinics in person. After all, for her, your misfortune is a loss of profit. Therefore, if you are conscious and able to move, you will be offered to sit in the hallway until all the “misunderstandings” between the insurer, the assistance and the clinic will not be settled. Process clarifying relationships looks like this:


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