Travel insurance – how much and where buy?

Traveler Medical Insurance– This is a prerequisite for entry into some countries. Special strictly such a rule is observed in Europe, in the Schengen zone union. However, the insurance policy is not only and not so much an annoying duty how much opportunity save considerable amount if an emergency occurs. It is worth mentioning that basic insurance provides compensation in the most simple cases, therefore it is useless for those who are going to engage active recreation. For example, skiing, car races.

There are only two ways to save on health insurance: become a customer of a bank whose head office or subsidiary are in the country where you are going to rest. Or as much as possible carefully analyze the insurance market. For example, with using search engines insurance policiesCherehapa.ruor Average prices for basic offers of insurance companies in Schengen countries, Thailand and Turkey we have resulted in the table below, ordering them in ascending order in rubles (Schengen). If your the country has a different currency, use our online converter currencies.

Company Schengen Thailand Turkey
Tinkoff 478.00 1910.00 716.00
Arsenal 499.65 1021.50 499.65
Renaissance 500.10 1498.94 499.65
Consent 501.03 1000.68 501.03
Liberty 550.59 943.78 688.23
Allianz 552.39 1534.33 614.15
VTB 555.16 1110.32 555.16
Sberbank 582.92 582.92 582.92
RESO 655.09 1965.27 655.09
Rosgosstrakh 671.75 1343.49 671.75
Russian standard 705.06 4396.89 705.06
Ingosstrakh 777.23 1282.43 777.03
Alpha Fear. 804.99 1754.31 804.99
ZETTA 881.32 1536.38 881.32

The note. The method of our calculation of where better buy traveler insurance based on a sample Fourteen insurance companies, the largest in fees. And then this we compared the cost of insurance policies for the most sought after by our compatriots directions. For interpolations by age, we took that traveling 30 years. It is also assumed that the period of his vacation week. Based on these conditions calculated the cost of the basic insurance policy. Price Options not taken into account. The rating of companies was determined by the price of insurance for those traveling to Schengen, because these policies are used most in demand.

Try to compare actual insurance prices yourself. traveler in well-known insurance companies (RESO, Absolute, Alpha, Rosgosstrakh, etc.) through the site For this You can use the search form below:

How to save on travel insurance

Below are 5 ways to help you find the cheapest. policy. In addition to this article, we advise you to read about whether general insurance in Thailand and whether you can do without it.

  • Do not be lazy to compare

    The best insurance for travelers can be found. only with a careful analysis of the proposals. All insurers offer almost the same conditions, but their price The policy is significantly different. You can find the same policy which will be cheaper two or three times in one company and more expensive in other.

  • Real Insurance Indemnity

    This is the amount you will be paid upon the occurrence of insurance case. Its minimum value is regulated by law and cannot be less than 2 million rubles. However, you are entitled to choose insurance Coverage, the most real for your case. If you prefer a quiet holiday without extreme, you have enough 30 thousand. Euro. Of course, no one forbids you to insure and 100 thousand. Euro (which the insurance agent will insist on), but it will cost more expensive by at least 20% percent.

  • Do not take unnecessary options

    Standard Medical Insurance traveler provides damages in the most simple cases that do not require hospital treatment. For example, colds, bruises … Managers will offer a package of extensions, some of which will never come in handy. For example, why do you need insure against sunburn if you are traveling for Christmas holidays in the Czech Republic? But this case is real for those who go. winter to thailand. In this case, the cost of the policy may increase significantly. Therefore, choose what you really need and what a waste of money.

  • Look for bonuses

    The real savings on bonuses are not great, but reject them. – this is the height of frivolity. For example, it is necessary to issue a banking a credit card for travelers if offered as a gift basic medical insurance. Regular customers insurance companies usually encourage them to enter the policy for free children

    The greatest benefit is received by those who wish to complete travel insurance for a long time. Usually Multipolis is issued for half a year, but insurance companies here too can cheat by pointing out that every 90 days you must leave countries at least for a day.

  • Monitor currency rates

    If you compare traveler insurance, purchased in different days of the current year, it can be noted that under the same conditions and In options, their price differs by 10-15%. The culprit of this is the notorious volatility of the ruble, whose course recently behaves “like the wind in may.”

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