How to buy weapons in Thailand

The issue of acquiring weapons in Thailand is the last what should interest the tourist resting in this country. Of course, adequate tourist, not any thug in Thailand earn extra money in the most criminogenic provinces, and procured a couple of their professional tricks.


Buy Firearms in Thailand simple enough, but only if you have Thai citizenship. A foreigner will need permission from the police to acquire it. Need to will collect a large package of necessary documents, confirm Help your mental health, no criminal past, and so on. Then submit this package to the department the police. And there they will decide whether to issue you a license. But even coveted permission does not guarantee you easy getting cherished “guns”.

To buy weapons, go to Indian or Chinese Bangkok quarter. There are a lot of gun shops. But get ready for easy shock – prices on the arms stores slightly going wild. After all, it comes here mainly from the USA and China, and subject to heavy taxes. And the fact that in the US you can buy for let’s say, 100 conventional units, in Thailand you buy already for 1500.

It’s pretty easy to buy illegal weapons in Thailand with erased numbers, and it will cost at a price an order of magnitude lower. A revolver of this type will cost about 15-20 thousand baht, and automation – more than 40 thousand.


Buy it can (almost) legally all. Moreover, as citizens Thailand and foreigners alike. It is sold in many trade centers, prices from 2000 baht. This is for the most simple semi-automatic, made in China. Korean brand or Japanese will cost 2-3 times more expensive.

In fact, there is any pneumatics, the choice is very wide. The designs of this type of weapon are very different – gas, spring, with pumped air. If something is not, you can always order desired, and you will certainly get it. But make no mistake, anyway nobody will give you a check for such a purchase. So take out you are unlikely to succeed outside the country. Turns out that the weapon is not completely legal.

Despite the sky-high prices for weapons in Thailand’s population is one of the most well armed in the world. He has about every third Taets has, and every tenth constantly keeps to himself. Here even teenage boys often brag about each other “guns”. The reason for this, according to many, is simple – the 2006 revolution year, smuggled shipments from Malaysia. There throughout the past few years, the ever-tense situation, and such “good” there is a sufficient amount.

In any case, the Thais are a kind and hospitable people. Best weapon when dealing with them – openness and sincerity. But if some m … are trying to poke them with a gun in their hands, let them not They are surprised that they receive an adequate response.

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