Dangerous Thailand – what can you expect?

Thailand is considered the least dangerous country in south-east Asia. Since due to tourism this state receives a large income in treasury, the government is trying to ensure complete security guests of the country. However, tourists should always be on their guard as petty crimes are frequent phenomena. Can be expected hazards in Thailand and from representatives nature and fauna (similar material on what should not be done in Thailand).

Crime in Thailand

Scammers are everywhere, even in a sunny and hospitable “Land of Smiles”. Naturally, while traveling seriously worry about your health is not worth it, but you need to be alert, because large cities have a high crime rate, including among others, and because of the Russian mafia in Thailand. The danger is that unwary tourists risk falling into the network of crooks and robbers. Read more about the types of theft in Thailand, ways of it safeguard and action in case of theft.

Bank cards. You can also stumble upon fraud in Thailand related bank accounts and cards. If you find a credit card missing, Immediately contact the service of your bank and block it. It is better only while shopping in Thailand do not use at all plastic card. How not to lose money in traveling, we already passed.

Random acquaintances. Also, do not trust casual acquaintances, who are trying to treat you to alcohol. This one more method of robbery, when the offender mixes in thai alcoholic remedy, solder them to their victim, and then leaves her without money and jewels. Besides, never try to buy thai local dope merchants. Sometimes irresponsible tourists buying prohibited drugs do not even realize that for such a violation of the law they can sentenced to death, thereby exposing himself to serious danger.

Crime in Thailand

Pyramid.MMM in Thailand, if it has already faded away – easily can be reborn again. Never mess with MMM-pins, The time in which it was possible to weld on this has already passed.

Imposing services

This is the main source of income for many local residents. country. For example, if a taxi driver in Thailandgotov you swear that the temple you wish to visit is closed and then invites you to go to another place, then decisively refuse. He is simply trying to impose unnecessary services on you, because all the temples in Thailand open every day.

How to breed tourists in Thailand

As a rule, most often fraud associated with divorce in Thailand spend local traders. Tourist offer good discount when you buy several products, but in the end account, sell them for the original price, and sometimes overestimate cost In addition, there is a danger of buying a fake silver jewelry in Bangkok, pearls in Phuketi and others precious stones. If the cost of such a product is too low, then in front of you is a clear fake.

Often, visitors to Thailand are wounded in restaurants. and cafes, where brazen waiters intentionally increase the amount of the bill or bring portions almost less than stated. And this works, because many tourists simply do not attach so little things mean.

You also need to be careful when communicating with staff. Thailand’s business people, because in this business there is also a risk of becoming divorced when paying for a room, read more about this in the material “How bred in hotels in Thailand.”

Dangers while bathing

If tourists come in the rainy season in Thailand, then they need be especially careful. Do not swim during a storm when on the water high waves. In addition, there are areas on the beaches where Swimming is prohibited. Red flag set on the beach indicates danger, the green flag allows bathing. AT areas with coral reefs need to be especially neat, because the reefs have sharp edges, which are very easy to hurt.

It is also worth knowing what is the reverse flow that occurs in Thai sea and what danger it poses when swimming. Read more about this in the article “How not to drown on vacation in Thailand. ”

The dangers of the underwater world

Representatives of the underwater world, causing great interest in holidaymakers can also carry serious dangers for tourists in Thailand. In the depths of the sea lives many poisonous jellyfish and fish, which is better not to touch.

Snails He lives in Thailand and one very dangerous mollusk, found almost everywhere. This is a small snail family cones with an attractive sink and poisonous proboscis, which she can sting a person. Her poison without timely assistance can kill a person in just half an hour. Therefore, going to holiday in Thailand, it is necessary to learn the main rule – to keep clear living creatures and do not touch her hands.

Conus geographus

Conus geographus

Conus textile

Conus textile

Jellyfish A fairly common danger to tourists is poisonous jellyfish in Thailand, often found in Thai waters. TO Fortunately, they appear mostly only during the seasonal time, but occasionally you can meet and single jellyfish. Poison in tentacles meduzu can paralyze a person, but mostly they leave burns like nettle.

Sea urchins. Stepping on the prickles of such a hedgehog, you can strongly hurt your leg. But since they are very fragile to take out Etigli from the foot, you will need no time and nerves. Read about all this in the article “What should I do if I step on sea ​​urchin? ”

Sharks. These are most often attacked only after of how they take blood into the water or see it on its surface of a floundering person who is perceived as being wounded and weakened victim. Fortunately, most shark species in Do not pose a danger to Thailand, as the person simply does not included in their diet. In addition, almost all popular beaches of Thailand, where you can meet with this fish, ordinary water is present enclosing metal grid.

The dangers of the terrestrial world

Jungle. If tourists decide to go to lush jungle Of Thailand, they will definitely need thick shoes that are completely closes the foot. After all, leeches and parasitic worms live here, often attacking people. Jungle teeming with bloodsucking insects, so that you are not bitten, please be reliable means against bites. Here you can also find wild boar and even a tiger, so you need to be very careful not to put yourself in danger.

Monkey. In Thailand, a popular excursion on which having a rest there is an opportunity to get acquainted with monkeys. But many of these animals are very aggressive and are able to pounce on tourist, especially if he is holding a fruit or some bright thing. In no case is not recommended to provoke and anger. monkeys, in particular males, which represent the greatest danger.

Monkeys in Thailand

Wild Elephants. Walking through the wilds of the Thai jungle and country roads can come across a herd of wild elephants. Don’t get close to them if they saw you, try not to move, but if they want to attack you – run !!!

Snakes. Certain danger is poisonous snakes in Thailand. In case of late delivery of medical care, their bite can be fatal. Therefore, it is important to know how to lead. yourself when meeting these reptiles and what to do in case bite.

Mosquitoes. For tourists traveling to Thailand for 1-2 weeks, Thai mosquitoes are causing more trouble than dangers. Yes, some of them suffer serious diseases such as dengue fever and malaria but the risk of getting sick during a two-week rest is negligible. However, this does not mean that it is worth neglecting methods of protection against mosquitoes in Thailand.

Risk of getting sick

Today in Thailand there are no epidemiological diseases. However, this is a country with a hot climate and high humidity, where it is easy to suffer from a virus or infection. Also in the tropics long can heal cuts and wounds. Therefore, make sure in advance that which drugs to take to Thailand, and even better which ones to do vaccinations in Thailand.

Risk of poisoning

Do not use tap water in Thailand: always drink only bottled water. Ice of unfiltered water can also cause poisoning. Due to the hot climate, food spoils here. incredibly fast, so tourists should not consume perishable and fermented milk products.

Moreover, it is worth being attentive when eating dishes from meat and fish. They should be freshly cooked, not heated in the microwave. When detecting dishes not the first Be sure to ask for freshness to replace them or return the money.

Do not insult the King and his family

The inhabitants of Thailand worship their religion and monarch, therefore inappropriate remarks and disregard for these issues may lead to unpleasant consequences. Do not forget that insults towards Buddhism in Thailand are considered unforgivable a crime.

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