Do I need insurance in Thailand? Is it possible without her to manage?

Going on a trip to the exotic country of Southeast Asia, most tourists think that taking care of their insurance life and health in this case means to add yourself unnecessary hassle But actually the insurance in Thailand today is made out quickly and easily, and its value does not go to any comparison with the money that you can spend if it happens something extraordinary. Today we will tell you about whether you need to validity of the insurance policy and how much it will cost ina what to pay attention to.

Save or not?

The main reason for traveling to Thailand without insurance is the desire (quite understandable) to save, After all, our times of crisis are not particularly pochikuesh, income are falling, prices are rising, and someone else has loans. But give Consider a few typical cases that face almost every third tourist in this country. And let’s estimate how economically justified like … sorry, stinginess.

  • Heatstroke and sunburn

    You go to a country with a tropical climate. Heat and scorching sun there are as common as slush and snow. After sitting for about half an hour on the beach outside the shade zone, you are guaranteed to get a burn I degree (often II) more than 50 percent of the entire surface of the body. If a forgot to wear a cap – then a heat stroke to the load. BUT You can overheat in Thailand even in cloudy weather.

  • Food poisoning

    Thai cuisine is unusual for us, and lunch in a street makashnitse is fraught with real poisoning. You do not know how much that stewed rat “(in appearance) marinated without a fridge.

  • Trauma – cut, bruise

    If you are a lover of outdoor activities, then you are without incident in Thailand can not do in any way. In hot climates, scratch or splinter without treatment will fester within a few hours. And any services surgeon in Thailand there are at least 3 thousand baht.

  • Cold or sore throat

    To catch a cold in the heat is easier than ever: after the excursion steamed get on the bus and fall under the cold air from air conditioner. Chilled drinks from the bar are not less effective for getting sore throats.

What is the result?

These are the simplest and most common cases with which Many Russian tourists collide. For most of them An unpleasant surprise is that medical services in Thailand (even if it is a municipal clinic) are among the most dear in the world. And so no one of those who fell into the hands of private Aesculapius, subsequently does not ask: “Is insurance to Thailand? “If you still think that do it yourself, add to the price the cost of services translators, as well as analyzes, which are paid separately. The minimum bill for medical services is 3 thousand baht. Cases more difficult are estimated at 10 thousand, and it is better not to mention about catastrophes altogether.

Where to buy insurance?

Everyone has the right to decide for himself whether he needs insurance for trips to Thailand. But if you already have a similar question, then there is (probably) another: where to buy it? Today, there are three insurance giants in Internet, popular with citizens of CIS countries:

  1.– the largest service there There is a complete list of types of insurance policies from leading insurance. of Russian companies: Alpha Insurance, Ingosstrakh, Liberty, Insurance House VSKi many others. Single base medical insurance for $ 35 thousand. costs from 900 to 4 thousand rubles. Full FAQ about this resource.
  2. – a younger analogue, but managed occupy a leading position in the insurance search market after Cherepap. Compares the price of insurance policies among 15 companies (maybe more): Absolute, Alpha, VTB, Zetta, Ingosstrakh, Intach, Renaissance, Accord, Liberty, Rosgosstrakh and others.
  3. – this service, unlike 2 above looking for insurance policies only in its database, however he collaborates with serious Mondial (now Allianz) is the global leader in providing medical care abroad, which has established itself reliability and high prices. Read more about it. site.

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