Why are Thais such happy people?

What is happiness and where is it hiding? To answer this question, come on holiday to Thailand. You will be amazed constantly smiling Thais. It seems that they all feel completely satisfied with life and completely happy Despite the fact that immediately striking a huge the difference in the property status of residents of the country. Thais live in Thailand, either fabulously rich, or completely poor – there is practically no middle class.

But with all this, it seems that the poorest taytsyv country feel calmer and happier than wealthy. They have practically no material benefits, but after all, they learned to be content with the minimum, and that’s quite possible for them enough for complete happiness.

Even in tourist places in Thailand, hostility some Thais to foreigners, or, farangam, do not interfere with them to smile!

Thai monks

Also in Thailand there are corners where no foreign tourists. These are the poorest regions, show spoiled tourist. there is nothing. But it is in these places that the life of Thais in the present happy. Those who have real values of this life. For them, freedom, family are important. Well, and they still truly and truly love their King. And such conventions and the blessings of civilization, like the Internet, apartments, cars — are unknown to them. And they often do not seek to take possession of this.

Some Europeans might envy happiness Thais. Of course, living in such a fabulous climate is delicious fruit is all great. Local residents are not they imagine what cold and snow are, they don’t need warm clothes. How not to envy them? But the secret is that the Thais themselves no one seems to be jealous, and they are not going to do that.

Smiling Thais

Their distinguishing feature is a deep love for their country, respect for their own traditions, their religion. There are among them enlightened thai monks – they live in harmony with nature and with you, devote a lot of time to meditation, perfecting your spirit. And those who grasped the real harmony, there is no reason to frown.

An inexperienced local tourist can strike a large the number of hammocks stretched right on the palm trees. Turns out here live motosai. Imagine, a person does not have their own housing, but there is a bike, thanks to which he can earn. And if in some day they will not have money, smiling Thai don’t think too much upset about this – because appear tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, what is today yourself upset!

Life of Thais

Beautiful art – to be able to see what you have, to be grateful for everything. This is probably the main answer to The question is why Thais often smile. They just love life! Therefore, you can often see Thai carefree vacationer in his hammock. Receive from life pleasure – what else is needed! That is why the Thais feel happier us

Also among them are a lot of Thais-trans. This is due to several reasons, such as: unwillingness to serve in the Thai army (now This trick does not work) and what is the profit of making money on sex tourism in Thailand.

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