Where to buy products in Thailand? Thai supermarkets

Thailand attracts our travelers every year more and more. and more. According to calculations, their number increases by 2 times or more. annually. Moreover, the arrivals are due not only to vacations or holidays. People began to spend the winter more often in Thailand, and and permanently live there by getting workers or study visas to Thailand. Most people when moving Interested in the issue of buying cheap food. In addition to markets (for example, the night market in Pattaya or the market seafood in Phuket), which can offer fresh vegetables, fruits and seafood do not want to forget about the usual food. Therefore, you need to go to Thailand supermarkets, but Alas, unlike the markets, bargaining is not appropriate here.

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Which of them to choose where it is more profitable to buy products in Thailand and where is their greater range? Let’s try to understand by example everyone. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of Thai supermarkets for certain purchases. By the way, if you interested in materials and household goods, best A look into the Home Pro store in Thailand.

Supermarkets “Big S” in Thailand

This network is considered the most popular both among Thais and Russian tourists in Thailand. Here are often held promotions, and in addition to products you can buy and other things (clothing, equipment or goods for home). Buying products for 500 baht, at the checkout a coupon is issued for free gift. These can be sets of German knives, handed out one by one, pots and pans. Every year Supermarket Big Trying to update assortment of gifts.

This supermarket chain also has a good discount system. for regular customers. After each such purchase a permanent the customer receives a coupon for a certain amount in baht, amounting to 10% from the previous purchase. If you buy in Big C equipment, it turns out very profitable, because with every 10 thousand buyer gets a 1000 baht coupon. This coupon can be paid other purchases or part of them. In addition, in Thai airports can do a VAT refund in Thailand, which will return you 7% of the total amount of purchases.

Big S Supermarket in Thailand

Supermarkets “Tesco Lotus” in Thailand

Prices in the Tesco Lotuschastko supermarket There are less discount prices in Big C. However, they are not held here. promotions with gifts and cash coupons. So if you don’t often go to the supermarkets, then to save money it is better to buy products in Tesco Lotus. Separately worth noting local bakery with amazing pastries.

Tesco Lotus Supermarket in Thailand

Supermarkets “Macro” in Thailand

These stores have a huge range of products, especially fruits. Macro’s Supermarket Feature Thailand is that this network is more focused on wholesale, recalling our Metro. Accordingly, prices in Macro are much lower than the rest. One more Macro advantage is the sale of fruit in big bags. In addition to markets, this is nowhere else to buy. Especially beneficial here buy equipment, dairy, meat products and semi-finished products, which can be stored in the refrigerator for a long time. Per piece buy goods will not work, but for a large company is the perfect option to save your budget.

Macro Supermarket in Thailand


In the end, where better to buy products in Thailand? Macro will definitely lead by most options. However, second and third places may vary. in some places, since to some extent this is a matter of your specific needs and proximity of a supermarket to home or hotel. And if you want to purchase building materials, plumbing, etc., then welcome to Home Pro’s stores Thailand, somewhat reminiscent of our Ikea!

Video review of the Tesco Lotus supermarket

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