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The center of Thailand – flat terrain, along it flows the main river the Chao Phraya and its main tributaries: Ping, Nan, Yom, Wang The river network is complemented by many irrigation canals, through which water is supplied to the rice fields. In this article we let’s talk about floating markets, but before visiting them you need to know the basic rules of trade in Thailand.

Rivers and canals of Thailand form a single transport network, which Thais used to use from time immemorial. People don’t just visiting each other, but delivering food, others useful and necessary things for life. This is what caused the appearance such a unique phenomenon as floating markets in Thailand.

Floating Markets of Thailand

Floating market in Thailand is exciting spectacle. Its peculiarity is that the river just teeming with boats, one part of which is transport, and the other – floating counters, restaurants, workshops artisans. Marching stoves, where they prepare mind-blowing the flavor of Thai dishes are often set right on the small Boats. To eat enough to give up as she herself to you will swim up. Approximately the same trade and Thai souvenirs, flowers, clothes, food, exotic fruits and spices. The atmosphere in the floating market in Thailand is such that it is quite possible to fall into a light madness from the desire to buy everything.

There are many floating markets in Thailand that have become part of the local commons The largest market – “central”, visit which is a must. This is the Damnoen floating market. Saduak. It is located quite far from the center of Bangkok. – 109 kilometers, so that the trip should be thoroughly get ready, and leave – a little light. After all, trade begins there from 11 in the morning and by three in the afternoon the market smoothly “resolves”, breaking up into separate boats hurrying home. It is on this The market can buy original spices, incense, Thai souvenirs and fruit.

By the way, if you are interested in the question “Can I take out fruit from Thailand? “- we want to please you, you can take out the fruit, except for one single thing – durian. However, it is advisable to know how do it right.

Floating Markets of Thailand

There is a floating market in Pattaya, he organized relatively recently – in 2008. It is located only in 10 kilometers from the center. To get there you need to get to the street Sukhumvit. As a rule, there are up to 70 floating shops, the main products of which are jewelery, leather goods, Souvenirs made of stone and wood, Thai antiques. Traditionally there are selling fruit and there are always floating taverns

Floating Markets of Thailand

Thais have long appreciated the interest of tourists (especially Russians in Thailand) to such markets, so their prices are broken in times two more than in ordinary, “land” stores, for example at night market in Pattaya. Here you can bargain without hesitation that even is welcome. It is often difficult to get rid of sellers in these markets. literally. After all, they hook the boat and the boat with a hook. diligently keep it until you buy something. By God, just like the Bedouins in Egypt.

Bangkok Floating Market Video Tour

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