Natural Thai cosmetics – composition, reviews, online shopping

Among women seeking to return youth and beauty, go legends that in Southeast Asia you can buy any miracle cures, almost the same cream that Azazello presented Bulgakov Margaret before the flight to the Sabbath the witch. Of course, Thai cosmetics from Thailand has somewhat more mundane properties, but the set of tools offered in the country’s naturopathic pharmacies, so wide, and the reassurances of pharmacists are so promising that I certainly want to buy literally everything.

All Thai cosmetics from Thailand is made from natural herbal ingredients. These are mainly different. essential oils and so-called extracts. Lately thai pharmacists mastered the production of collagens, but for now they are less quality than in neighboring China.

Tip! Choosing a miracle ointment and ointment, you first of all it is worth paying attention to their composition. The fact, that different labels can hide almost all the same components, and the price varies significantly.

Apparently, Thai pharmacology has not yet passed the full path of universal standardization. There are cases when tourists are offered bottles and completely unmarked. Sellers in this case limited to a mean explanation of the scope of the words in words – for hair, for the skin of the face and similar statements.

Where to buy Thai cosmetics?

Many tourists wonder: “Where to buy Thai cosmetics? “If you are in Thailand, then you just go to any large shopping center, Some products can even be found in ordinary supermarkets and in markets. For example, in Bangkok you can do it, going to the mall Siam Paragon (metro station BTS Siam). Authentic local products sell on the fourth floor, in the cabin Exotique Thai Division. This place is chosen by Thai fashionistas, therefore, you can be sure that you are not buying a fake. If you are interested in the best Thai cosmetics, pay attention focus on brands Harn, Panpuri, Pran, Divana. Although it is ours Subjective opinion.

The most famous online store where you can order any Thai cosmetics directly from Thailand, without intermediaries – this is Online store “Superbank”.

In the CIS countries to make a purchase most often you can the online stores of thai cosmetics from Thailand, for this in Google or Yandex, enter the search query Type: “Buy Thai cosmetics in …” and specify your city. Here are some of them:

  1. World of cosmetics

As this topic develops, proven ones will be added here. online shopping.

Tip! Judging by the reviews on the Internet, Korean cosmetics is not inferior to Thai, you can buy it in the famous Online stores: L’Etoile Gallery Cosmetics,

Now we will tell you about what are the main components included in the composition of the Thai cosmetics should pay attention to first of all.

Coconut oil – for dry skin

Can be used with almost no restrictions if you have a dry leather. For oily, these remedies are contraindicated. Thai cosmetics for face coconut oil sold in any store. In the supermarkets of the 7-Eleven chain these ointments can be seen as related products on trays at cash registers terminals. They cost, as a rule, mere pennies. But any Miracles, besides moisturizing and nourishing the skin, should not be expected from them.

Thai Cosmetics - Coconut Milk Body Butter

Coconut Body Oil

Generally, coconut oil is the favorite ingredient of Thai beauticians. It is included in the composition of local soap, lipstick, dental pastes, shampoos and more. And it is the main acting agent in ointments that protect against sunburn. It is so it is widespread that you can buy a bottle of coconut oil right on the beach, at one of the unbearably obsessive peddlers. If you use it, the tan will be surprisingly flat, and you do not look like a spotted Indian horse.

Aloe vera – from wounds, cut for dry skin

This plant is known to us as agave. His juice is good heals minor cuts. Cosmetics based on it is a gel – transparent or greenish. Its main purpose – intense hydration. Therefore applied for dry and normal skin after you have taken the sun baths.

Thai Cosmetics - Aloe Vera Products

Aloe Vera products

Gel products have a light structure and, as a rule, do not cause discomfort when applied. If you feel stiff then add a few drops of sandalwood oil to the product. AT The result will be something similar to a cream.

Buying in store funds from natural aloe vera is not worth it. If a no preservatives are added to it, then after a few months freeze, it will be impossible to use them. Although this is a property can be used as an indicator of quality.

Thai Tanaka – for oily and problem skin

Tanaka – a type of sandalwood, popular name “Ivory apple”. From it make powder of different fineness of grinding. The most coarse is used as a scrub. A very popular remedy for facial skin care among burmese women. Traditionally his prepare by mixing the wood powder with water, getting a thick yellow mass, because of which the second name is also widespread – gold powder. Thai cosmetologists add sandalwood or coconut oil to it, Aloe vera or collagen. This is an excellent care product. problem, acne and oily skin. It pulls it out from the pores all pollution, and eliminates oily shine. Sell ​​in glass jars, less often – in plastic bags.

Thai cosmetics - Tanaki-based products

Tanaka based products

Rose oil – for those who are behind …

Rose in Thailand is traditionally considered the flower of youth. therefore extract of fragrant petals include in the composition of all anti-aging means. Their effectiveness is most likely based on the phenomenon. self-hypnosis or a placebo, but they definitely do no harm if only you do not have a specific type of allergic reaction. In anyway, they are cheap and may well compete various anti-aging ointments at a price of 4,000 rubles. Are they better injections and miraculous serums, we do not undertake to judge.

Thai cosmetics - rose oil based products

Rose oil based products

Shea Butter – for hair and skin softening

Has a second name – Karite. Get it from the fruit of the tree Shi. In fact, its main producer is African country of Burkina Faso. This product is used everywhere, it even goes in food. It can contain both Thai cosmetics for hair, itai face cosmetics. It softens everything with what in contact. Shampoos based on it are guaranteed to make hair silky. And regular use of shea butter creams can really slow down the aging process of the skin. If you have thick, horny layer on your heels, then there is no better means, than this oil, for its softening. In addition, it promotes healing of small cracks and cuts.

Thai cosmetics - products based on Shea butter

Means based on Shea butter

Anti-cellulite products

To use them you have to be patient. First of all, due to the contained red pepper extract, rubbing it into the skin accompanied by burning sensation. Secondly, the abundance of essential oils smelling as a star balm, will fill your home with spicy aromas, so strong that households can begin to voice displeasure. Among other things, they have a lot of red dye that can ruin the bed linen.

It is actively used in Thai massage parlors and known patience – it takes about a dozen procedures, according to the sensations similar to whipping nettle, the volume of the hips can decrease by 8-10 centimeters. And the notorious fifth point may well compete on “Miss Boom Boom” competition, regularly held in Brazil.

Collagen – for the rejuvenating effect of the skin

Thais offer it in the form of white powder or gel. The latter form is more convenient to use. Use it before applying cream in places where mimic wrinkles appeared. For achieving a visible effect such a procedure is repeated for of the month.

Thai cosmetics - products based on callogen

Callogen-based products

Powder collagen diluted with water or milk and used in as a mask. The effectiveness of this tool is less, although it may be a subjective impression. Collagen creams have rather psychotherapeutic effect. Care, of course, quality, but better to use professional makeup.

Leaving your comments about Thai cosmetics in the comments, you you can share your impression of neys with others readers, and also warn them against those means that are not help or give a placebo effect.

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