Home Pro – a network of stores “all for home” in Thailand

Shop Home Pro in Thailand – a place where you can buy it all for home, from nail to lawn mowers. Competitive does not have. At every point of the trading network constant rush buyers attracted by a rich assortment and elite level service. This is the best place for “building” shopping in Thailand!

Types of assortment

Stores Home Pro in Thailand (off. Site) occupy considerable areas, neatly cluttered with pavilions with plumbing, construction and finishing materials, as well as furniture and household appliances. But the electronics may not meet in all stores, so if you are unlucky, use them will have to go to the nearest Big S, Tesco Lotus or Central Festival.

Home Pro Shop in ThailandHome Pro Shop in Thailand

In the case of home appliances from the seller you can find out any assortment model information, with no corporate code allows them to come up with non-existent characteristics that makes advice is really helpful and decisive in choosing goods.

Home Pro Shop in ThailandHome Pro Shop in Thailand

As a building materials store in Thailand Home Pro represents the best choice of pipes in the country, wall and floor coatings, paints and varnishes, accessories and other things. To some groups goods prices are constantly low, while some The range is sold at an inflated cost. If the question is savings, it is better to dovizita in Home Pro to get acquainted with offers small shops building materials.

Home Pro Shop in Thailand

“Husband for an hour” from Home Pro stores

Home Pro in Thailand

The Thai chain of stores Home Pro, among other things, has own customer service. Service specialists take on delivery and installation of overall equipment; house and even minor repairs. Something like popular on post-Soviet space service “husband for an hour”, only qualifications employees are guaranteed, but the prices bite. So if you have hands grow from the right place and if you want to save money it is better to install the technique yourself.

Home Pro Stores on the map of Thailand

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