What is the best to bring from Thailand?

Any traveler knows what it is: put off shopping souvenirs until the last moment and then discover that by the end not only the trip came, but also the savings. As a result, they buy up the first trinkets on the way to the airport. In Thailand, all vice versa. From purchases you will not hold back the budget, and the limit on weight luggage. But still it will be better to know how to save on shopping in Thailand.

If the hallmark of Turkey are carpets, and Egypt ㅡ hookahs, it is difficult to single out one thing from all the wealth of Ty. An appropriate, inexpensive and practical gift can be found for any member. family or team. So, I would like to give you a few tips that you can bring from Thailand?

The drinks

In Tae, strangely enough, tea is completely unpopular (types of tea in Thailand). But here the sea of ​​its exotic variations. First turn ㅡ bright blue drink from an orchid, called the Thai blue tea, ㅡ according to local, very useful for sight. Often in the form of citrus-like ringlets, dried matum is found. Drinking from it is given to a respiratory patient, but to enjoy a subtle, refreshing taste is not forbidden and no evidence. You can also bring noni from Thailand, the useful properties of which widely used in Thai medicine.

Bring blue tea from Thailand

A wide variety of teas from Thailand can be found at the Tea Store. Village. If you are traveling to Pattaya, be sure to check there or order products on their website.

A good option is to bring some drinks with you. stronger rice wine Sato, rum Sang Som and Thai “whiskey” I Dong, infused with scorpions. Snack Thai alcohol taken fresh and pickled fruit. ABOUT they are slightly lower.

Bring Alcohol from Thailand


Once tasted local mangoes, pineapples and tiny bananas ㅡ you will definitely want to feel real taste in your homeland these fruits. But with durian, the so-called “king of fruits”, in It is forbidden to even appear in some airports in Thailand, ㅡ because of its sharp smell, so bring him home will not succeed. But you can treat anyone with durian in the form of chips and sweets that are sold in every supermarket. Read More information on how to export fruit from Thailand.

Bring fruit from Thailand


Buying electronics in Thailand, you can save up to 30%. it for photo and computer equipment, smartphones, any accessories to them. It is better to make a purchase not in the market, but in large ones. centers such as Pantip Plaza in Bangkok. Then on the border to you will also return the value added tax, called VAT Refund. The same applies to copies of mobile phones, watches. Watch Tag Heuer “Made in Thailand” will cost four times less than Moscow, ㅡ approximately 5,000 baht (9,500 rubles).

Bring electronics from Thailand

Cosmetics and traditional medicine

It produces a lot of Thai cosmetics based on oils and herbs. Natural coconut oil and aloe gel ㅡ at every step. They are used before and after sunburn, as well as anti-aging nutritional products. They also love and know how to make sunscreen and whitening cosmetics, ㅡ dark skin in Thailand is considered scary a disadvantage. Breed a hot climate and special natural deodorants in the form of crystals. Work fine.

There is something to bring from Thailand and beloved grandmother: she will definitely find the use of warming balms like the Vietnamese “star”. In addition, the market mass anti-bronchial agents with eucalyptus and dietary supplements in gelatin capsules.

Bring cosmetics from Thailand

Products from natural latex

This is mainly bedding ㅡ pillows, mattresses, and also sheet latex, which can be purchased directly on rubber factories. Products are loved by many for orthopedic qualities, strength, antimicrobial properties. The only inconvenience for tourist ㅡ its dimensions.

Bring latex from Thailand

Artisan products

North of Thailand is famous for its green porcelain in medieval style Sangkhalok, and to the east is dominated by pottery brick shade with ethnic ornaments. According to beliefs dishes from it does not accumulate harmful substances and is itself capable of clean the food. Popular products from bamboo and coconut, Thai toys, dishes, lanterns and panels. At a cost of 1000 baht (1900 rub.) you can buy belts and other accessories made from crocodile leather or stingray. From inexpensive little things, magnets are sold everywhere; 100 baht (190 rubles) such you can buy 5 pieces.

Porcelain products in Thailand

Most airlines allow you to take up to 20 kg for free. luggage and up to 7 kg of hand luggage. By a slight margin, as usually look through fingers here. But any liquid in the container in volume from 100 ml, whether it be drink or oil-spray, they will ask lay out of hand luggage. Such items are allowed only in luggage compartment.

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