Jewelry Factory Gems Gallery – Pattaya, Phuket, Bangkok and Chiang Mai

Gems Gallery – a jewelry paradise, which is recommended to visit tourists traveling to Thailand. Jewelry Factory with 35 Years history invites fans of luxury and brilliance. To everyone go back to the world of jewels, personally observe the process cut natural stones by experienced craftsmen. Buyer personal guide is provided that will eliminate the language barrier and unobtrusively help in choosing the right products.

High quality service for connoisseurs of luxury

There are branches of a jewelry store in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and Chiang Mai. Tourists to get into the splendid palace book a tour. Caring for customers, the company offers free transfer, which can be arranged by phone +66 86 152 9480.It is necessary to specify the name, phone number, quantity person, hotel name, room number, preferred time and date of visit. At the designated time, customers will be delivered to famous factory.

Gems Gallery jewelry chain in Thailand

It offers visitors an informative tour in comfortable trailers equipped with a Russian-speaking audio guide. Spectacular attraction with immersion in the history of formation, mining and processing stones and pearls will leave an indelible impression. When visiting the workshop you can observe the painstaking work of jewelers, gem cutting. According to the laws of Thailand it is forbidden to import treated stones to the country, this work is trusted only by experienced to cutters. That is why jewelry purchased in The kingdom is famous for quality all over the world.

The stunning variety of Gems jewelry masterpieces Gallery

After the workshop, the visitor is accompanied by a guide. shopping pavilions, impressive exquisite variety all kinds of precious products. Here are the decorations for buyers with different budget opportunities, including which:

  • extravagant and classic pearl like river or mined from the depths of the Andaman Sea, and grown on special farms around the island of Phuket, not inferior to the natural quality characteristics and beauty;
  • elegant jewelry for men, women and children from Sapphires and rubies mined in Kanchanaburi province are striking original design and incredible combinations of stones and precious metals within one masterpiece;
  • refined interior items – furniture, paintings, inlaid with precious stones and gold;
  • silverware, original accessories, wallets, bags from the skin of rare animals;
  • souvenir products – decor items, figurines of elephants, Buddha, Thai products for SPA procedures.

Gems Gallery jewelry chain in Thailand

If necessary, customers can order exclusive products. by the individual order, having informed wishes to masters. In compressed terms experienced jewelers will make jewelry according to the author’s sketch, will be given a lifetime warranty on repairs and maintenance at the branches the company. Created by Thai craftsmen products are unique. On jewels purchased here are issued when you purchase them certificates with a photo and a detailed description of each item products.

Book a free transfer to Gems Gallery You can by number: +66861529480

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