Is it accepted to leave a tip in Thailand

First of all, I would like to note that the culture in Thailand is very high level. Both general and service culture in particular. At the seediest outlet you will smile, thank for the purchase, offer free wipes, tubes to drinks, spoons for ice cream, etc. Therefore – do not think that if you leave someone without a tip in Thailand, you repay some dirty trick.

Most of our citizens rather vaguely represent the answer to The question is how much to leave a tip in Thailand. AND, since you have come here, then in what cases it will be appropriate small marks of appreciation, called “tea”? Focus on your own sympathies, and not go wrong.

Thais treat the tip calmly and with dignity, as a prize for the work done. It is clear that no fixed amounts. speech can not be. If you want to thank someone, focus on 10% of the principal amount of the service or order, or just give up. Just do not think that increased demonstrative generosity here will certainly be met applause. In Thailand, money is respected as an indicator human labor, and scatter them is not accepted.

Now I want to answer the question of whether a tip is left in Thailand? Yes, they leave:

  1. In a taxi. The first reason to leave a tip in Thailand you will appear when leaving the taxi. Especially if the driver calls the amount of the counter, and the trip was comfortable. If he is with sly smile announces you a figure with two zeros, and along the way one and the same monument flashed three times (a joke, but with some truth), you can be calm: this guy took good care of himself myself.
  2. In the hotel. Tips for the maid left on the bed in hotel By the way, no wonder there is a saying in the people “For the maid all that is not in the safe is a tip, so try all values hide it there. Also a good tone is to tip the porters and other hotel staff for minor services.
  3. In the cafe. In cafes and restaurants, carefully study the bill, – perhaps a reward for the service is already entered into it.
  4. Guide. It would be appropriate to give a tip and a guide (working as a guide in Thailand), especially if he laid out on the conscience, told a lot interesting and helped to solve some pressing issues (for example, with transport, rent or exchange in Thailand).
  5. Masseuse. A separate article are professional services. You can see for yourself the hard work of fragile masseuses capable of kneading fattened teles for hours overseas capitalists. And the girl often has to give your salon half the profit, or even more. it applies to both traditional Thai and intimate – body massage …
  6. Prostitutes. Thai prostitutes, too, in my opinion deserve a tip.

In general, let’s not forget that the purpose of all the rules of etiquette – help us to express respect for each other. Any Thai will it is more pleasant to get a friendly smile from you than a handful of little things, but with an arrogant look.

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