What to do if your airport was lost at the airport luggage

Let’s take a closer look at what to do if this happens. situation.

  • The first and most important rule for any emergency: DO NOT PANIC!
  • If you have not found your baggage on the dispensing tape – contact us at стойку информации с надписью Lost&Found. It is usually located in sight in the hall where the tape issue. If not found, then ask the airport employee. If such a stand is not contact the airline.
  • Write a written statement asking you to find the lost one. luggage. Sometimes you need to write a letter in free form, sometimes special forms are issued. If you are abroad, the form Filled in English.
  • Expect. They will call you from the airport. Often lost cargo find and deliver to the owner for 46 hours. If not find it If you succeed, they will search for your description. Searches will be continue for 21 days. When they find him, they will send him to the nearest you airport. Some air carriers are ready to deliver baggage by your address, but for this you need to write a letter with such a request. Till this moment the baggage will be with the carrier.

If the luggage was not found, it should be provided compensation. Usually loss of baggage by the airline is due to fault sorters at the airport. Every kilogram of luggage is paid in 600 rubles in the territory of the Russian Federation. In the west in case of loss baggage airlines pay about $ 20 for one kilogram of lost cargo. Amount of compensation for lost baggage can be fixed. If you carry valuable equipment, jewelry, or simply expensive things, it is better to declare them and pay the fee. In this case, if the baggage is lost, then at least with the help of compensation for lost luggage return yourself all the money.

Have you had such incidents? How to get out? Share in comments.

Author – @pro_tur

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