What to do if stepped on sea urchin needles – tips

For the tropical waters of the Gulf of Siam and the Andaman Sea sea ​​urchin – the usual and fairly common animal. In addition, their life cycle has distinct phases reproduction and migration. In certain months of the year they are grouped and form whole colonies. Sea urchin protective devices – a forest of needles. They can be very beautiful in appearance, but this very effective self-defense weapon and get to know him closely don’t even try. By the way, the sea urchin is not the only one dangerous for tourists, the inhabitant of the coastal waters of Thailand. One of we described them in the article: “What if you were stung by a jellyfish?” In general, about the types of hazards in Thailand, read the article “Dangerous Thailand”.

Danger of the hedgehog

Sea urchins are bottom dwellers of coastal waters. They have no desire attack unwary bathers, but under their foot they can get there easily. Prick sea urchin very unpleasant, and the first thing that feels overly admired sea ​​beauty tourist, is a sharp pain and burning. Thereafter The injection site becomes red and swollen. All due to the fact that the needle sea ​​urchin – a kind of disposable syringe containing toxin.

Sea urchin

After the injection, the needles of the sea reapply in the tissues about the same as the sting of a wasp or a bee. Just get it, and this must be done necessarily, very difficult. This needle is “made” fragile organosilicon compound, inside it is hollow and all in small indentations outside. When trying to remove it breaks and crumbles. Again it is worth noting that the sea urchin does not set itself the task of delivering to you as much as possible troubles. He needs to prick the offender and lose only one needle of a thousand, remaining whole himself.

The danger of the sea urchin is twofold. Poison which injected into tissue, unable to kill a person, too little of him and it is designed for other organisms. But this substance is capable cause anaphylactic shock (severe allergic reaction) – deadly situation. Needle itself “works” as usual splinter, causing purulent inflammation. If signs of suffocation and sharp there is no deterioration in health, then you can try to remove the remains of a needle on their own. But not the fact that after this operation you have not suppuration will appear and a visit to the doctor will not be necessary.

Needles sea urchin

First aid in contact with the sea urchin

So, what to do if stepped on a marine hedgehog? First make sure that this is really a hedgehog – spherical animal (can be flattened), completely covered with rather long spikes. This must be done, since there are many types of poisonous organisms in tropical waters, poison each has its own way and first aid measures can be different.

In any case, feeling the bite of a sea urchin, quickly get out of the water. On some people, marine toxins organisms act very strongly, and loss of consciousness leads to drowning even in shallow water. Sea urchin needle can be seen. If she dug into the area of ​​the joint or went very deep, then do not nothing at all, urgently contact the surgeon.

Method 1

If it is clear that the needle of the sea is under the skin and not penetrated the muscles, then right on the beach try to take the following actions:

  1. Pour bite site with any alcohol solution for disinfection (even perfume will do).
  2. Recall that the organosilicon compounds of which consists of a sea urchin needle, dissolve with acid. Find a big lemon, vinegar (5-7%) and pour a weak solution of acid injection site.
  3. Crumble the needle with small pebbles (must be clean).
  4. Treat the wound with an antiseptic ointment.

Method 2

If the mood is completely spoiled, and you decide to return home, then there can be taken more drastic actions:

  1. Treat the wound with an alcohol solution.
  2. Fill the injection site with a weak acid (lemon, table vinegar).
  3. Steam the injection site in hot water. With a temperature not overdo it so as not to aggravate the injury from exploring the sea Inhabitant burn.
  4. Treat the affected area with antiseptic ointment.

If you have no place to steam the injection site and there is nothing, you can use heated to 400 Celsius vegetable oil, which need moisten a cloth and attach to the affected place. Again, it is necessary be very careful with the temperature and not aggravate the situation. Oil compress must hold for at least half an hour, preferably an hour. After This needle sea urchin very carefully squeezed like splinters. We must act so that they do not crumble. Making sure that all foreign bodies are removed from under the skin, wash the treatment site warm water and grease with antiseptic.

If someone of your relatives or friends stepped on sea ​​urchin, do not lose composure and certainly not climb to punish “harmful” animals. In this case, you risk get your portion of needles under the skin.

If you felt like you did everything right and the needles were removed, but the pain does not go away, there is suppuration or allergic reaction, then do not waste time, consult a doctor.

Video: how to remove sea urchin needles

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