Walk around Tbilisi

Walking around Tbilisi is my image of the capital of Georgia. This photo The most important sights of Tbilisi and interesting places.

Tbilisi is one of the most sincere and hospitable cities in whom I had to be. Cozy green courtyards, famous wooden balconies, rich history and delicious cuisine. Tbilisi – it is a color that needs to be felt and felt.

We walked around the city with a guide Tamara. Special thanks to her for interesting excursion :-)

Freedom SquareFreedom Square

We started walking around Tbilisi from Freedom Square. This is one of the main squares of the capital of Georgia, which is decorated in the style monumental architecture of the 19th century.

Freedom SquareFreedom Square

In the center of the square there is a column with gilded George. Victorious. There are also several fountains.

Freedom SquareFreedom Square

Tbilisi is a very ancient city. It is believed that it was founded in 5 century. In the historic center there are preserved sections of the fortress walls. Most of them date back to the 18-19 century. Although there are medieval elements.

Sections of old wallsSections of old walls Another section of the wall Still some sections of the walls WallsWalls Wooden balconies - one of the highlights of TbilisiWooden balconies

Wooden balconies – one of the highlights of old Tbilisi. Interestingly, most of them are shared for everything. floor. As the guide explained, there is even a ban on partitions.

Just a beautiful houseJust a beautiful house The old registrarWedding Palace in a historic building

In Tbilisi, you can find many funny sculptural compositions.

Monument to the lamplighterLamplighter sculpture From this sculpture and breathes fun From this sculpture breathes fun Another Tbilisi sculpture. It seems to be one of the episodes of the famous film Danelia.Another Tbilisi sculpture. It seems to be one of the episodes famous movie Danelia

In Tbilisi you can find several ancient sacral structures and enough modern churches.


Metekhi is one of the symbols of Tbilisi. Medieval church over Chicken. Nearby is a statue of the legendary founder of the Vakhtang Gorgasala It is believed that the growth of this king was more than two meters


Anchiskhati – the oldest temple of Tbilisi, almost the same age cities.


Sioni is a former cathedral, one of the largest and The oldest churches in Tbilisi.


In the panorama of Tbilisi you can easily see the community of Sameba. This The temple was built in the 2000s and is central to Tbilisi, i.e. cathedral

Kashveti ChurchKashveti – a pretty church of the early 20th century Church of St. NicholasChurch of sv. Nicholas on the mountain was restored quite recently

One of the main attractions of Tbilisi is the ancient fortress Narikala. Although she left only romantic ruins.


From the top of the fortress opens a beautiful panorama of the city. Here you can climb both on the funicular and on foot.

Panorama TbilisiPanorama of Tbilisi, bends of the Kura and the Peace Bridge Panorama TbilisiPanorama Tbilisi District AbanotubaniAbanotubani

Abanotubani is a charming district of Tbilisi with natural sulfur by sources. The terms here have existed since the Middle Ages.


Not far from the baths is a small waterfall.

WaterfallWaterfall Theater GabriadzeTheater Gabriadze

The building of the puppet theater Gabriadze has long been considered one of characters of Tbilisi. Every hour an angel comes out of the top window beats a hammer on a small bell. And at 12.00 and 19.00 hours will show a small presentation.

Usual Tbilisi YardUsual Tbilisi yard

Carpets are sold here

A lot of stuff is on the streets of Tbilisi. But the most popular goods are churchkhela and wine.

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