Venice – feedback and impressions

Much has been written about Venice, but it’s impossible to write about Venice everything. And therefore I will allow myself to write. Why? Because I am her love I love this city, its houses and narrow streets, its canals and bridges. And I love people who live here. During my life in Venice, I I learned how to listen and hear them. Learned to distinguish them from the crowd Noisy crazy tourists with cameras, maps and navigators. They others. Not in a hurry, not in a hurry, their life is flowing quietly (piano-piano), strictly according to the schedule. And they sing. Sellers in the markets, gondoliers on gondolas. Always and everywhere, sometimes in most unexpected places and situations. And then everyone around them freezes, listening to these voices, these songs.

Streets of VeniceVenice Streets

My favorite Venice is Venice in the snow. This is a rare sight, but it is so mesmerizing with its silence and grandeur. And I love Venice on high water days (acqua alta). Thanks to the press that like forty screaming at every corner about floods. The city is used to acqua alta, this normal everyday state of his. But on such days, days without crowd of people, so nice to walk in the morning of the deserted Venice. As usual, high water will quickly leave for dinner, the streets again will be filled with tourists. These rare hours of emptiness and silence – they are not so grabs this amazing city on the water.

Venice in the snowVenice in the snow

Even more beautiful and mysterious is Venice at night, when in the windows Numerous palazzo lights go out and life quiets down. At that time thick fog descends on the city, the eternal satellite of Venice to any time of year. It spreads through the streets and falls on the canals and dormant. on the water of the gondola, turning Venice into a ghost town. Who walked by these night streets, wrapped in a long cloak and hiding his face behind mask? The stories of whose ups and downs are buried here forever? BUT in the morning when the veil of night mystery melts as well have a cup of magical Italian coffee on the terrace above the water, still sheltered by fog.

Venice - night and fogVenice – night and fog

Ah, Venice, semper troppo bella …

Venice on the map

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