Velké Losiny Castle

Velké Losiny Castle – detailed description with photo, mode of operation, location of the castle Velké Losiny on the map.

Velké Losiny Castle (Czech Republic)

Velké Losiny – one of the most beautiful arched castles of the Czech Republic and Central Europe, built in the 16th century in style Renaissance. For a long time this place belonged to the influential Moravian noble family – Zherotinam. It is they who are on a grand scale they built a large renaissance palace in the place of the old and dilapidated water castle.

This beautiful castle has a dark page. In the 17th century here Inquisitorial tribunals were held during the “witch hunt”. In During this time about 50 men and women were tortured and burned.

Operation mode

Tuesday – Sunday from 9.00 to 16.00 (until 15.00 April and October, before 17.00 July and August).

From November to March – closed to the public.

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Velke Losiny on the map

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