Velenje, Slovenia: the most detailed information about the city of Velenje, main attractions with photo and description, location on map.

City Velenje (Slovenia)

Velenje is a city in northern Slovenia, the fifth largest city country. It is one of the youngest cities in Slovenia, founded in 1959 Velenje is geographically located in the Savinska area in historical region of Styria. This city is very different from other Slovenian cities with modern architecture and layout: new houses with flat roofs, compact and cozy apartment buildings, a large number of lawns and green areas. Veleni is real city ​​park, immersed in greenery and flowers.

Velenie winter Velenie winter

The main wealth Velenje – the surrounding nature. Picturesque the surroundings are permeated with hiking trails. In addition, the city offers many opportunities for sports and active rest. Therefore, it is ideal for those travelers who do not likes to sit still.

Attractions Velenje

Wielen castle Wielen castle

Wielen castle – the main attraction of the city. it Romantic building towers over the city on a hill. Origins The founding of the castle dates back to the 13th century. The castle was significantly rebuilt in the 16th century. A courtyard and a wall with towers. At the moment it is carefully restored. Within its walls there is a museum and gallery of Slovenian painting of the 20th century.

The ruins of the castle of Salek Salek castle ruins

On a high hill are the ruins of the castle Salek. Based in 13th century, the castle was abandoned at the end of the 18th century. To the present day only fragments of its oldest part are preserved – triangular towers.

St. Martin's Church Church of sv. Martina

On the outskirts of Velenje on Šmarška cesta street is located church of sv. Martin The origins of the foundation of this religious structure date back to the 13th century. Despite the fact that the modern look of the church acquired in the 19th century, it serves as the basis of the medieval foundation.

On the street Ljubljanska cesta is another old church dedicated to sv. Mary’s This once small rural The temple was founded in the second half of the 15th century. Despite Baroque reconstruction in the 18th century, the church has preserved many medieval features.

Church of St. John the Baptist on Wine Hill Church of sv. John the Baptist on Wine Hill

On the Mount of Wine is one of the brightest monuments. Sacred Gothic architecture in the Velenje Valley – Church of Sts. John the Baptist. The originally Romanesque Baptistery of the 13th century was later rebuilt in gothic style. The interior of the church has kept the old Gothic frescoes.

St. Andrew's Church Church of sv. Andrew

Another interesting religious building is late gothic church of sv. Andrew, built in the 16th century.

Maps and guides

Detailed map Velenje

Velenje on the map of Slovenia

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