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City Uppsala (Sweden)

Uppsala is a city in southern Sweden located on the Fürison River in Uppland’s historic region 80 km north of Stockholm. River neatly divides Uppsalu into two parts: the historical center, located on the west coast, residential and commercial area – on east. It is a picturesque medieval city with enchanting narrow streets and historical monuments, which is the fourth largest in Sweden, but it has retained the provincial charm and historical atmosphere. Here is the oldest university in Scandinavia and the largest cathedral on the peninsula in which to rest the Swedish king Gustav Vasa and the famous scholar Carl Linna. Uppsala is one of the most important historical cities in Sweden. States whose origins go back to the time of the Vikings and corounds.

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Geography and climate

Uppsala is located in the heart of Sweden northwest of Stockholm on the Uppland Plain. The city is located on the Fürison River, which divides it into two parts. Climate is temperate with cool in summer and winter with slight frosts.

Uppsala. Old Town Uppsala. Old city

Practical information

  1. The population is about 150 thousand people.
  2. Area – 47.71 km².
  3. The currency is the Swedish krona.
  4. The language is Swedish.
  5. Time – UTC +1, summer +2.
  6. Stockholm Airport is only 35 km away.
  7. The main shopping street is Svartbäcksgatan, located in two blocks from central station. It houses the Stora Torget – main square of Uppsala.
  8. Budget Lunches: Kebab or Kebab House, Saluhallen, Max (Swedish fast food chain).


Uppsala was founded in the 5th century. The oldest part of the city located in the northern area known as Gamla Uppsala. Later (in the 13th century) its center was moved to a more convenient place above along the Fürison River and was named Estra-Aros. From ancient only the medieval church of the 13th century and the ancient mounds of 5-6 centuries.

Panorama of the city Panorama cities

In 1245, Old Uppsala was almost destroyed by fire. The name of the city inherited the trade Estra-Aros. Thanks to the successful The location of Uppsala quickly grew and developed. In 1435 was completed the cathedral, which became the largest in Scandinavia. In 1520, a battle took place here between the Swedish rebels and the Danes, which became one of the bloodiest for the whole the period of the Eighty Years War.

Uppsala Uppsala

In the 16th century, Uppsala was the center of the Swedish Reformation. In 1593 here was taken the Augsburg Confession, by which Sweden became Lutheran. Throughout its history, Uppsala has repeatedly suffered from major fires. Especially destructive occurred in 1702. The no less an old city has been preserved surprisingly well.


Cathedral Cathedral Cathedral

The Cathedral is the main attraction of Uppsala, Gothic masterpiece and the largest church in Scandinavia. The cathedral was built on over 165 years (from 1270 to 1435). Last significant The reconstruction was carried out at the end of the 19th century, during which Added pointed spiers, beautiful stained glass windows and murals.

This is one of the most important religious buildings in Sweden, which Keeps numerous historical and cultural artifacts: King Eric IX’s gilded reliquary, gold brocade robe (ca. 1400) of Queen Margaret and more. Also The cathedral is the burial place of the Swedish kings and famous scientists including: Karl Linney, the kings Gustav Vasa and Gustav Adolf.

Old Uppsala (Gamla Uppsala) Old Uppsala (Gamla Uppsala)

Old Uppsala (Gamla Uppsala) – one of the most important archaeological sites in Sweden. This is the oldest part. city, founded in the 5th century, which “breathes” the Viking Age, corunds and brave heroes. Here you can see the ancient mounds, medieval church and visit the open-air museum Disagården.

Church of the Holy Trinity Church of sv. Trinity

Church of sv. Trinity, located a few steps from Cathedral, was founded at the beginning of the 14th century. Most Its remarkable feature is medieval frescoes. Albert Piktor.

Uppsala Castle Uppsala Castle

Uppsala Castle is another important attraction. Uppsala, in which many significant historical events of Swedish history. The castle was a stronghold of the Vasa dynasty and was built in the 16th century. This structure was severely damaged in fire in 1702, but subsequently completely restored. Now the castle houses an artistic the museum.

University University

Uppsala University is the oldest educational institution in Scandinavia. Its current buildings were built in the Renaissance style at the end of the 19th century. The most interesting sights of the university: the museum of evolution and the library, which is the largest in Sweden and has 5 000 000 volumes and more than 30 000 manuscripts.

Gustavianum Gustavianum

Gustavianum is an interesting museum located in the former main building of Uppsala University. It contains Scandinavian and Egyptian antiquities, including Viking relics (jewelry, swords, household items).

Museum of Carl Linnaeus Carl Museum Linnea

The Carl Linna Museum – a house with a garden that once lived famous scientist.

Uppland Museum Uppland Museum

The Uppland Museum is housed in an old 18th century mill. Includes a wide range of permanent and temporary exhibitions, such as photography, applied art, music and folklore.

City Park City Park

The city park was founded at the end of the 19th century. This is a great place. for nature walks and picnics with a pond in which they bloom lilies.


Maps and guides

City map

Uppsala on the map of Sweden

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