Udine, Italy – detailed information about the city. Guide to Udine: popular attractions with photos and descriptions.

Udine City (Udine)

Udine is comfortably located in the northeast of Italy right next to the foot of the Alps. The capital Friuli will conquer you with cozy squares masterpieces of Tiepolo and authentic taverns where you can taste the wine.

Udine is a city with Venetian charm and old buildings, “the most beautiful Venetian square on the mainland” – the area Liberty and the castle on the hill from which you can see the roofs of the city and alpine foothills.

Panorama Udine Panorama Udine

The city of Udine belongs to the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia and is center of the province with the same name. The first mention of the city Dated 983 year. In the Middle Ages, Udine became the center of everything region. Later, the value of the city fell. Udine throughout its History was first part of the Venetian Republic, then Austria-Hungary, until in 1866, finally, became part of Italy.

Streets of Udine Streets of Udine

Udine is a relatively small quiet city, it does not look like on the bustling Rome, fashionable Milan or cheerful and reckless Naples, but certainly has its own charm.

Streets of Udine Streets of Udine

Sights Udine

Liberty Square (Piazza Libertà) Рthe oldest square Udine, whose architecture represents the Venetian style. The architecture of the square dates back to the 15-16th century. Dominant area is the loggia of San Giovanni with a tower on which are installed clock.

Freedom Square Freedom Square

Castle Udine (Castello di Udine) – one of the main attractions of the city. The castle is located on top of a hill in historical city center. Modern castle built in the 16th century on place of the old fortress. An interesting legend about the origin of the hill, on which is located the castle. 452 year, the invasion of the barbarians – the legendary Attila ordered his soldiers to build a hill after another victory. Each soldier gathered land in a helmet and poured it on this place. Now the castle is used as a museum.

Castle Udine Udine Castle

Cathedral (Cattedrale di Udine) – one of the oldest churches of the city, the construction of which belongs to 13 century.

Cathedral Cathedral

Church of Santa Maria di Castello (Chiesa di Santa Maria di Castello) is the oldest in the city. This is an old 12th century Romanesque building.

Church of Santa Maria di Castello Santa Maria Church di castello

Church of San Francesco (Chiesa di San Francesco) – is one of the oldest religious buildings in the city, the former Minorite Brothers headquarters in the city and throughout the Friuli region. It was built in the second half of the 13th century. The church was strong damaged by bombing during World War II war, then restored. Since the last decades used for temporary exhibitions, mostly local artists.

Church of San Francesco Church San francesco

Sanctuary is one of the most important religious institutions. Located in the heart of the city. Stored here Madonna delle Grazie is a famous icon of the 15th century.

Sanctuary Sanctuary

Udine on the map of Italy

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