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Turku City (Finland)

Turku (Abo) is a port city in the south west of Finland Varsinays-Suomi province. Located at the mouth of the river Aurajoki, where it flows into the archipelago sea. Turku is the first capital Finland (later the capital was moved to Helsinki) and the oldest The city of the country, founded in 1229, with a beautiful historical center, cobbled streets and old buildings of yellow brick.

The Swedish name of the city of Abo is literally translated as “life at rivers or living by the river “. The Finnish name Turku translates as “trading place”.

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Geography and climate

Turku is located in the southwestern part of Finland and is considered “western gate” of the country. Aurajoki River flows through the city, which flows into the archipelago sea with many picturesque Isle. Turku has a humid continental climate with a relatively cold, snowy winters and cool summers.

Winter in Turku Winter in Turku

Practical information

  1. The population is more than 180 thousand people.
  2. The area is 306.36 km2.
  3. Language – Finnish and Swedish.
  4. Currency – Euro.
  5. Visa – Schengen.
  6. Time – UTC +2, in summer +3.
  7. The airport is located 8 km from the city center and has a regular communication with Stockholm, Riga, Alicante, Gdansk. You can train get to Turku from Helsinki, Kuopio and Tampere. Regular ferry service has with Swedish Stockholm and Åland islands.
  8. Shopping centers and districts: Hansa – a large shopping center nearby market square, Länsikeskus – shopping area with supermarkets on the outskirts of the city, Skanssi is a modern shopping center at 20 minutes by bus 9.


The valley of the river Aurajoki was settled in the pre-Roman period. AT The Middle Ages here was a lively shopping junction. Turku was It was founded by the Swedes in 1229 and at the end of the 13th century received the status. At this time, the construction of a fortified the castle. During the Swedish domination, he was called Abo. New town quickly became the largest and most important city in Finland.

Evening in Turku Evening in Turku

In 1318 Turku was burned by Novgorod. In 1509 and 1522 subjected to looting by the Danes. In the Middle Ages city was built around the cathedral and the market square. At the end of 16 century during the Russian-Swedish war Turku was besieged by the Russians troops, but was never taken. In the 17th century the city became the administrative center of Finland and the Finnish Lutheran Church. In fact, Turku was the main Finnish city until 1817, while the decree of the Russian Emperor Alexander I did not become the capital Helsinki. In 1827, the strongest fire almost completely destroyed the old city. Turku was rebuilt by Karl Ludwig Engel, who also acted as the main architect Helsinki.

Archipelago Sea Archipelago sea

Now Turku is the third largest city in Finland (after Helsinki and Tampere), a major port and industrial center.


Turku Castle or Abosky Castle Turku Castle or Abosky castle

Turku Castle or Abosky Castle is one of the most valuable National heritage sites of Finland, as well as one of the oldest structures of the country. It was built by the Swedes at the end of 13 century. Initially, the castle served only a defensive function. AT Over the next centuries, the value of this structure changed from the palace and the residence of the government to the warehouse and prison. Now in the castle walls is a museum.

Cathedral Cathedral

The Cathedral is the main Lutheran church of Finland and one of the oldest religious buildings in the country. It is impressive The gothic building was built in the 13th century and is known for its ancient tombstones.

Church of St. Mary Church of sv. Mary’s

Church of sv. Mary – a medieval stone church built, presumably in 1440.

Church of St. Catherine Church of sv. Catherine

Church of sv. Catherine – a small medieval church of the 14th century, located in the suburbs of Turku.

Church of St. Michael Church of sv. Michael

Church of sv. Mihaila – a red brick religious building in the style of the Gothic Renaissance, built in the early 20th century.

The route on the islands and the coast of the Archipelago Sea Route on islands and the coast of the archipelago sea

One of the most popular tourist routes of the West Finland is a trip to the islands and the coast Archipelago Sea, where you can enjoy the natural beauty and the provincial Scandinavian lifestyle. Length The route is 250 km.

Island in the Archipelago Sea Island in Archipelago sea


Maps and guides

City map

Turku on a map of Finland

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