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Trondheim City (Norway)

Trondheim is a city in Central Norway located on the river Nidelva on the shores of the Gulf of Trondheim. It is the third largest in the country and one of the oldest in Norway. Trondheim – one from the main cultural centers of the country, the city of students, science, technology and festivals. It boasts a rich historical a heritage that favorably sets it apart from, for example, the capital Oslo.

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Geography and climate

Trondheim is located in the central part of Norway at the mouth of the river Nidelva in the place of its confluence with the Trondheim fjord. Climate – nautical. Summer is cool and winter is mild with small frosts. For the year falls almost 900 mm of rain.

Panorama Trondheim Trondheim Panorama

Best time to visit

The best time to visit is May-September and winter.

Practical information

  1. The population is more than 180 thousand inhabitants. I wonder what of them – 30 000 students.
  2. The currency is the Norwegian krone.
  3. Visa – Schengen.
  4. The official language is Norwegian. In a big go English.
  5. Time zone +1 summer +2.


Trondheim was founded at the end of the 10th century by King Olaf the Holy. it one of the oldest cities in Norway. At that time the city was called Nidaros, which means “city at the mouth of Nida”. King Olaf fell in battle near Nidaros and was buried here. Almost to the middle of 13 century Nidaros was the capital of Norway, in 1230 yielding this title Bergen. At the same time, the tradition of the coronation of the Norwegian Kings in Trondheim.

View of the Trondheim Fjord View of Trondheim Fjord

Despite the fact that the city has lost its capital title, it is always remained one of the main cities of Norway. For a long time the historic center of the city remained wooden. For its history Trondheim burned more than 10 times. After a devastating fire in the 17th century the historic center was rebuilt in baroque style with wide avenues and distances between buildings. Although in the old town to you can still find old wooden quarters.

Nidaros was renamed Trondheim at a later date. Middle Ages. From Norwegian new name translates as “house strong. “Interestingly, in the 30s of the 20th century was undertaken an attempt to return the historical name Nidaros, but was so negatively received by residents that a year later the city became Trondheim again.

How to get there

The local airport serves international and national flights. from: Oslo, Bergen, Spain, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Riga, Warsaw, Prague and other cities. In the city center from the airport can be reached by train and bus. The cheapest option is the train (70 Norwegian CZK), which is sent every hour.

Trains from Oslo run 4 times a day. If you travel by car, you need to take the E6 motorway. Go to Trondheim and buses, but trains are cheaper and faster.

Morning in Trondheim Morning in Trondheim

Shopping and shopping

Trondheim is one of the centers of Norwegian shopping. Despite, that Norway is a very expensive country, here you can make great purchases. Main shopping areas:

  • Nordre gate – the main shopping street with many shops.
  • Thomas Angells Gate – audio equipment stores, electronics and other products.
  • Fjordgata – specialty stores and restaurants.

Streets of Trondheim Streets of Trondheim

Large shopping centers:

  • Trondheim Torg – the largest mall with more than 70 shops.
  • Solsiden is a modern mall located in buildings old shipyard (60 stores).
  • City Syd – 70 stores. Located 8 km south of Trondheim.
  • Byhaven – shops with clothes and shoes.

Food and drink

Trondheim – one of the main gastronomic centers Norway Here you can find food for every taste and wallet. The culture of street food is widespread. Mostly priority given to local products that are of very high quality. Also great beer is brewed here.

Since the city is a student, there is quite rich nightlife, many pubs and bars, but you need to know that most of them closes quite early.

Trondheim in winter Trondheim in winter


Trondheim stands out from other cities in Norway with its rich in history, landmarks and monuments culture.

Nidaros Cathedral Nidarossky cathedral in trondheim

Nidaros Cathedral is a masterpiece of the Norse Gothic, one of the greatest religious buildings of the country. Legend has it that the cathedral stands on the burial place of King Olaf, called the Saints, the founder Trondheim, who died in its vicinity. High altar inside The cathedral is located exactly in the place of his burial. Thanks to this in Nidaros Cathedral flocked pilgrims from all over Norway. The first Romanesque temple was built in 1070. In the 13th century the building was rebuilt in the Gothic style. Oldest preserved items Cathedral belong to the 12th century. After the fires during the Reformation at 16 century building was in poor condition. Nidaros Cathedral was subjected to significant restoration in the 19th and 20th centuries, so that now sparkle in all its glory.

Old Bridge Old bridge

The old bridge over Nidelvu was built at the end of the 17th century. Interesting for its gate, which received the nickname “gate happiness. ”

Munkholmen Munkholmen

Munkholmen – the oldest monastery in Norway, located on island near Trondheim. It was founded by Olaf the Saints. In times Vikings were executed here. Benedictine monastery on this The place was built in the 11th century. The monks lived here until the Reformation at 16 century. In the 17th century, Denmark turned the monastery into a fort. Some time here was a prison. In the form of a fortress, he reached our days

Ile church Ile church

Ile church – parish neo-gothic Lutheran church, built in the late 19th century. It is located between the river Nidelva and Trondheim Bay.

Church of Lademon Church of Lademona

Lademon Church – parish brick church in Art Nouveau style, built in the early 20th century.

Church of St. Mary Church Mother of God

The Church of Our Lady is one of the oldest churches in the city, founded in the 12th century.

Quays Berths in Trondheim

Berths is one of the symbols of Trondheim, the main photo postcard of this city. Despite the fact that the oldest buildings belong only to 18th century, moorings testify to a glorious commercial past cities.

University of Trondheim University Trondheim

The university is one of the largest educational institutions in Norway. Trondheim is a real city of students. Students make up 17% population of the city.

Places of interest in Trondheim:

  • The royal residence – the largest wooden palace Scandinavia.
  • Ravnkloa – the fish market and the old clock. From here in summer Boats to Munkholmen go.
  • Tower Tyholt height of 74 meters. In it you can enjoy food and views of Trondheim.
  • Bakklandet is an idyllic neighborhood on the east side of the river. Nidelva with old wooden buildings.
  • Fort Kristiansten – built in the 17th century after a strong fire. WITH the heights of this elevation you can enjoy views of Trondheim and Trondheim fjord.

Trondheim in winter Trondheim in winter

Museums of Trondheim:

  • Maritime Museum – an old prison of the 18th century was modernized in interesting museum of marine subjects.
  • Military Museum – military exhibits from the era the Vikings.
  • Rokheim – the national museum of pop and rock music.
  • Museum of Natural History and Archeology.
  • Royal Regalia Museum – Royal Symbols Exhibition authorities.


Maps and guides

Tourist Map with Landmarks Map

Trondheim on the map of Norway

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