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City Trakai (Lithuania)

Trakai is a city located in the northeastern part of Lithuania. among the endless Lithuanian lakes and forests. It is one of the oldest and significant Lithuanian cities, formerly one of the centers Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Trakai is a quiet wonderful a place with beautiful wooden architecture, beautiful nature and wonderful sights such as two medieval castle, which became one of the main characters Lithuania.

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Geography and climate

Trakai is located 30 km southwest of Vilnius between the two large lakes surrounded by picturesque forests. Around the city is located a huge number of lakes, so these places are a favorite place for recreation among the local population. It is interesting that in winter, when lakes freeze, you can move.

The climate of the city is temperate continental with warm summer and moderate cold winter. For the year falls more than 600 mm of rain. Average July temperature is about 17 degrees, January – minus 6 degrees.

Trakai castle in winter Trakai castle in the winter

Practical information

  1. The population is about 5,000 people. Of these, 60% are Lithuanians and 20% Poles.
  2. Currency – Euro.
  3. Visa – Schengen.
  4. Area 11.5 km 2


The first mentions of Trakai date back to 1337. Interesting that then the city was called New Troki. Old Troki was founded the legendary Gediminas (Gedinimas) – the founder of Vilnius. They were located a few kilometers southeast and some time even was the capital of the Lithuanian principality. Later Old Troki became the capital of the Troka principality. Large role in the development the two cities played the Grand Duke Vitovt. In 1409 Trakai Got city rights.

Later, the development of the city slowed down. By the 16th century New Troki finally lost its meaning. In the 17th century there were significantly damaged during the Russian-Polish war. For Further history New Troki remained a small town with rich history. The modern name Trakai city received in 1940 year

Panorama of the Trakai castle Panorama Trakai Castle

How to get there

The train and bus will be delivered to Trakai from Vilnius in 30-40 minutes. Easy to get here and by car. Trakai is located near motorway A16. From the side of Kaunas – A1 highway, further road 107.


Trakai – one of the oldest and most interesting for tourists cities of Lithuania. In addition to wonderful nature you can see here. on the old wooden architecture, several buildings of time Middle Ages and famous Trakai castles.

Old Trakai Old Trakai

On the old market square is the chapel of Jan Nepomuk and An old wooden house built by Dominican monks. The chapel is decorated with the sculpture of the saint, who was considered the patron saint fishermen.

Old wooden house in Trakai Old wooden house in Trakai

Dominican monastery was founded in the 18th century on the territory castle on the peninsula. In the middle of the 19th century, the monastery was closed.

Sacred architecture

Trakai has several ancient sacral sites. structures.

Basilica of the Apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary Basilica of the Apparitions Blessed Virgin Mary

The Basilica of the Apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a masterpiece of the Gothic, Medieval church founded by Grand Duke Vitovt at the beginning 15th century. The church is built of brick and stone. In the 18th century was significantly rebuilt in baroque style. At this time was built the main altar and most of the sculptures. The main shrine is icon of the Mother of God of Trakai, written in the 12th century and donated Vitovtu.

Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Church of the Nativity Holy Mother of God

Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary – Orthodox Church 19 century.

Trakai Castles

In Trakai, there are as many as two castles that belong to Late Middle Ages. One of the castles is located on the island, another on the peninsula. They are called so – island and peninsular. Castles were the princely residence and served protective functions.

Castle on the peninsula Lock on the peninsula

The castle on the peninsula is one of the largest castles in Lithuania and The oldest castle is Trakai. It was founded by Prince Keystuh, father of the great Prince Vitovt. The territory of the castle was about 40,000 square meters. meters Walls had 11 towers. It was originally built of wood, but by the end The 14th century was rebuilt from stone. The castle was destroyed during Russian-Swedish war. Until the 19th century, only fragments of the walls and towers Best of all survived the south-eastern tower. Currently The castle is a restored historical heritage.

Castle on the island Castle on island

The castle on the island is a unique structure of its kind in the East. Europe, a sample of the Gothic architecture of the late Middle Ages and one of the symbols of Trakai. The castle is built on an artificial island on Lake Galve between the 14th and 15th centuries. This impregnable fortress was the main residence of the Grand Duke Vitovt. The castle was destroyed Russian troops and in the 17th century, has lost its former value. Until the 20th century the castle on the island was in pretty poor condition. Was completely renovated by 1987 modeled on the 15th century.


Maps and guides

Detailed map of Tarkay

Trakai on the map of Lithuania

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