Theft in Thailand – how to protect yourself and what do in case of theft

Thief thriving in Thailand it is fairly widespread. Today we will give you a few tips on how to act if you are criminal encroachment and what measures should be taken to prevent similar excesses.

First of all, do not be lazy to make copies of all documents – as an identity card, and insurance policies, tickets. AND keep them separate from the originals. Take two photos international passport It will save you from unnecessary trouble. issue a certificate at the consulate allowing you to return to homeland.

Petty robbery in Thailand everywhere where there is massive gathering of travelers, relaxed from the tropical sun and warm sea. Pickpockets of all stripes flock to tourist centers of the country to fish and operate on the beaches, in amusement parks, shopping centers and even buses.

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How to protect yourself from theft?

Thieves in Thailand are accomplished in about the same way as in all the world. Therefore, tips on how to prevent them are relevant not only in this country.

1. Use zippers, zippers and velcro

Any repository of valuables must have zippers, buttons, velcro. A small barrier to the attacker, but she does not will be superfluous. Do not hold a large wallet in your hand, but put it in a bag with a clasp. Keep it on your own so that it is facing “lightning” to the body and was in front, in the field of view. Back pocket Trousers – favorite and most easily accessible target for pickpockets. Read more about how not to become a victim of pickpockets in traveling.

2. Do not leave anything unattended.

Do they steal in Thailand? Yes, like everywhere else. Especially that bad lies. Therefore, do not take anything valuable on Thai beaches if you There is no one to ask to look after things at the time of your absence. Try to make friends with the neighbors on the lounge chair. Splashing in the sea keep your belongings in sight and do not move away from them.

3. All eggs in one basket is bad

You should not withdraw all the money from the card, but keep it yourself along with them in your wallet. At a minimum, these values ​​should lie in different pockets. Better yet, if the card remains in the hotel safe. Of course, you should not write a pin-code on it. Read more about how not to lose your money when using banking kart.

4. Gone in 10 seconds

If you rented a motorbike, do not forget to remove the key from the lock ignition. Almost one hundred percent will be hijacked almost as soon as you leave. Hanging a helmet on the steering wheel is also not worth it. Its cost may well meet the daily needs of the aborigine. Read tips on what to look for before renting a bike.

5. Do not rely on compatriots

The principle of “we are with you of one blood …” abroad is not Acts. Steal in Thailand and compatriots. In this case, the punishment for theft in Thailand is one severely for both locals and tourists. Criminal responsibility in this country comes from 8 years old, and the real imprisonment is applied from fifteen. Learn the conditions keeping tourists in a Thai prison is possible here.

6. Security in hotels and guesthouses

Theft in hotels in Thailand is not uncommon. At the same time a large number of stars is not a guarantee of honesty of staff. Safes At the reception they seem to be the least protected, especially if they are closed on an English lock. Even more vulnerable are the numbers in Cheap guesthouses. After all, the reputation of the company there is not particularly care and complain you will be nobody. Therefore accept additional measures of protection. For example, buy a padlock. Read more about cheating in some cheap hotels. Thailand

Who to contact in case of theft

If you are in Thailand, you can turn to the receptionist on duty at the hotel. And if you don’t trust them, then to the police. Phones of municipal bodies 123 or 191, but you It’s preferable to call 1155, the so-called tourist police. It works around the clock. Not limit yourself to an oral statement and require of the protocol.

If the passport disappears, call the consular service 02-234-2012 in Bangkok, 03-825-042 and additional 2888 in Pattaya or 07-628-4767 in Phuket.

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