The quality of drinking water in Thailand

Can I drink tap water in Thailand? Unfortunately, travelers, this question is almost not worried. More often they take water from the stores, and their quality does not bother them at all. BUT in vain, because your well-being depends on water, so to speak. Tap water in Thailand is different from ours, by no means for the better. Simply put, such a water in Thailand is by no means recommended!

Water in Thailand

If you decide to quench your thirst with this water, get ready for spoiled rest. Thai tap water It is rich not only with harmful metals and chemicals, but also has a disgusting taste and smell. It only fits for washing dishes and hygienic purposes. note that sometimes, when washing your face with such water, your skin may become covered characteristic pigments.

Automatic machine for the sale of drinking water in Thailand

Drinking water in Thailand is best buy in 5 liter bottles (cost – 30-45 baht), and in special machines. Water, then, is much better than tap water, and buying it in machines, you can also save a lot. A liter of water will cost you 1 baht.

Living in Thailand more than one month, most likely, they will want to I bet that the water in these very machines for drinking completely unsuitable. I want to agree with you, but the machines have such water most often due to worn out filters. Old machines distinguish from new ones is easier than ever, you just need to pay attention to their external state Unfortunately, old machines are much more common. more often new.

It is not uncommon for tourists to order water in their homes for 20 years. liter canisters. At cost goes cheap, but compared with machine guns, much more expensive.

Delivery of drinking water in Thailand

Delivery of drinking water in Thailand

As for the Thai villages, they have amenities such as machines and bottles, and there was no trace. But the water there has one a big plus compared to urban. Clean it in order higher and with the absence of unhealthy metals and impurities. The population of Thailand does not use such water one year, and at the same time manages not to get poisoned.

Conclusion: instead of drinking Thai tap water and risk your health, buy it better at points of sale or at automatic machines.

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