The carefree life of Russian pensioners in Thailand

If you believe the ranking positions calculated by Forbes magazine and others international rating agencies, then pensioners in Thailand – one of the happiest seniors on light

However, in these results, as in any statistic, slyness is present. Retirement life in thailand good in the event that pensioners will spend benefits there old age earned in Europe or even in Russia, and common in the homeland, the phrase “working pensioners” forget since they will not work there. Demonstrate our tale of a carefree life in Thailand, comparing utility prices and taking into account some of the daily expenses of pensioners themselves.

Living expenses for retirees in Thailand

Let’s try to calculate what they can count on. Russian pensioners in Thailand, but, again, with some assumptions. Let it be an elderly paraso standard pension of 12 thousand rubles each, which rents odnushku “on the outskirts of Moscow for 25-30 thousand rubles, from this money, the payment of housing and communal services from retirees goes about 4 thousand rubles, then on their hands every month remains about 45 thousand rubles.

The cost of renting housing in Thailand, located on the second line from the sea (within a kilometer) will cost pensioners maximum 12 thousand baht. For electricity they give an average of 600-800 baht, for water-400-500 per month. If this advanced pensioners, they also want high-speed Internet (more about the internet in Thailand) to communicate with grandchildren by skype This is still an average of 800 baht per month.

Pensioners in Thailand

Food in Thailand will cost pensioners somewhat cheaper than in Russia. This is especially noticeable in relation to fruit and seafood. Meat products and meat products are also relatively cheap in this country. meat. Average food expenses if you eat mostly at home and sometimes in a cafe, will be about eight thousand baht per month. It is advisable to shop in large Thai supermarkets or same in the markets, but for this it is desirable to be able to bargain with Thais.

For all economic needs of retirees living in Thailand about 400 baht will go somewhere else, and 300 for a mobile connection. If they will actively explore the space and move around Thailand, transport costs will be about 800 baht per month, to For example, in Phuket or Pattaya, basically, you will have to ride Three-wheeled Thai bus, called “tuk-tuk.” And one of the most favorite resorts for retirees is considered – safe city Hua Hin.

As you can see, some savings in retirees costs, even considering today’s ruble exchange rate to Bat, there is. What are the advantages living in retirement in thailand?

One of the significant advantages of living in Thailand is opportunity to buy an apartment for a much lower price than in cities of Russia and especially in Moscow. If you have a pensioner at least some savings, they will have a good reason spend it on Thai real estate. In this case their monthly budget will be even more positive balance.

The cost of medical care in Thailand

Medical care often “eats” most budget. This is especially noticeable in the countries of the European Union. Thailand same please pensioners relatively low prices for medical insurance. Therefore, if you want to spend in this the country most of the year, purchase Thai medical insurance companies. By the way, maybe someone will be interested to read about plastic surgery in Thailand.

Weather Conditions in Thailand

Medical expenses for pensioners can be significantly save if you take into account the particular climate of an area of this country. For example, in the largest city in the north of the country Chiang Mai in the hot dry season (spring) there are extremely high temperatures, but there is less rainfall than in the tourist Phuket

Often older people in Thailand celebrate improving well-being. They have no pain in the joints and normal pressure. Acclimatization in Thailand makes it even easier daily background temperature – at night or during the day it is practically same

Life in retirement in Thailand

Getting a pension visa in Thailand

If the above arguments about the relative cheapness of life in Thailand has convinced you, it remains to solve another question: how is it settle for quite a long time? Thais have thought this out too. After all, they are interested in the fact that pensioners leave their savings from them. There is a special pension visa in Thailand for the Russians. It is valid for a year. Any retirement age can get it more fifty years with an account of 800 thousand baht in a Thai bank. Based on this, we can conclude that moving to Thailand Permanent residence can afford only wealthy old men.

Thailand is full of Russian tourists, they create a significant part of the tourist budget of this country. therefore pensioners will not have to experience discomfort without knowing Thai language, however this does not mean optional knowledge English language. On the streets of resort towns a lot notices in Russian, the menu in many cafes is also Russified and restaurants. This greatly simplifies social adaptation in the new society.

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