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City Telc (Czech Republic)

Telc is a historic city in the south of the Czech Republic in the region of Vysocina. is he world-renowned for its well-preserved era architecture Renaissance and Baroque, as well as a beautiful Renaissance castle. Telc is one of the most picturesque small ancient towns Czech Republic. Its historic center is listed. unesco world heritage and has an amazing historical the atmosphere.

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Geography and climate

Telc is located in southern Bohemia between Prague and Vienna, on distance of about 150 km from the Czech capital. It has temperate continental climate with a relatively warm summer and mild winter.

Telc Telc

Practical information

  1. The population is more than 5 thousand people.
  2. The area is 24.86 km2.
  3. The language is Czech.
  4. Currency – Czech crown.
  5. Time – UTC + 1, in summer +2.
  6. Visa – Schengen.
  7. You can reach Telc by bus from Brno, Prague and České Budějovice. There are also trains from Jihlava.


According to local legend, Telc was founded in 1099. It is believed that the castle was laid by Prince Otoy II of Olomouc after his victory over the Czech prince Břetislav II. Although the first written mention of him dates back to 1315 year. In 1339 The castle acquired Oldrich III from the Vitkovic family. Already then around he grew up a small town, and a large the market, which is now Zacharias square.

In 1423 Mount Telc was captured by the Hussites. In the 16th century the city Own Vitkovichi of Hradec, in which it is flourishing. Especially large role in the transformation and prosperity of Telc in that period played Zacharias, in which the castle was rebuilt in style renaissance, and merchant houses on the market square received facades in Renaissance and Baroque style. Now the main square of the city bears his name.

At the beginning of the 17th century, the Vitkovic family was cut short and Telc passed to the family Slavata. At this time the city is ruled by the Jesuits who built there are some interesting buildings here. In the 18th century, Telc goes to the gens Liechtenstein, becoming a quiet provincial city, which remains until so far.

Telc Telc


Castle Telc Telc Castle

The existing castle in Telce was built by the Vitkoviches in the second half of the 14th century. Originally it was a simple gothic building in the shape of the Latin letter “L”. Then the castle had especially defensive value and was surrounded by moats. Global restructuring The castle was started by Zacharias of Hradec, at which it was rebuilt in renaissance palace with numerous elements of Italian Renaissance. Now this magnificent landmark is one of the best examples of 16th century architecture in the Czech Republic.

In the courtyard of the castle can be reached completely is free.

Zaharias Square Zaharias Square

Zaharias Square – the heart of Telc. This is a huge area once was a market under the walls of the castle. Famous for great merchants houses with beautiful facades and arcades in the style of architecture Renaissance and Baroque. The oldest buildings in the square were built in the 15th century. Originally they were all Gothic.

The house with a bright facade (pictured above in the center) dates from 1532 year It has a gorgeous façade in style. sgraffito.

House on Zacharias Square House on the square Zaharias

Another magnificent home on Zaharias Square, which has gorgeous graffiti with biblical motifs and interesting gothic elements.

Also on the square you can admire the two fountains and the Mariana the column. The lower fountain (in its eastern part) was built at 16 century Zaharias. It was originally wooden. Stone shape Fountain acquired in 1611. Statue of sv. Margaret installed in second half of the 17th century. The upper fountain was restored in 1827 year and is also decorated with a statue of the saint. Mariana (plague) column It was built between the years 1716-1720 and is a beautiful example. baroque architecture.

The sacred architecture of Telc

The tower of the Church of the Holy Spirit in the city building Tower of the church of sv. Ghost in the city building

Tower of the church of sv. Ghost – the magnificent medieval Late construction, surmounted by a gothic spire. Initially, the tower was even higher. Its height was reduced after fire and now is 49 meters. Unfortunately the ancient church not preserved to this day, perishing in several fires. It is believed that the chapel stood here before the foundation of the city.

Church of the Name of Jesus Church named Jesus

The Church of the Name of Jesus – a magnificent Jesuit style church Baroque, completed in the 17th century.

Church of St. Jacob Church of sv. Jacob

Church of sv. Jacob was founded in the 14th century and is of the same age the city itself. After the fire, this religious building was long time is abandoned. The church was restored after the Hussite Wars and rebuilt in the 15th century.


Telc on Czech Republic

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