Tampere (Finland) – detailed information about the city from a photo. The main attractions of Tampere with a description guides and maps.

Tampere (Finland)

Tampere is a city in southern Finland in the province of Pirkanmaa. Is an industrial capital of the country and one of the main cultural centers. Tampere is a modern city, which is considered one of most attractive for living in Finland. It was founded at 18 century, 170 km north of Helsinki, has long been one of the largest industrial cities of Scandinavia. Today Tampere – a major center for information technology, research, education, sports and business.

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Best time to visit

Tampere is located in the southwestern part of the lake region in the region Western Finland. The city is located between two lakes – Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi. The Tammerkoski River divides Tampere into two parts and connects these two lakes. The climate of the city is marine continental. The winter in Tampere is quite cold and snowy, and the summer is short and cool

Panorama of winter Tampere Winter Panorama Tampere

Practical information

  1. The population is 230 thousand people.
  2. The area is 689.59 km2.
  3. The language is Finnish.
  4. Currency – Euro.
  5. Visa – Schengen.
  6. Time – UTC +2, in summer +3.
  7. The international airport is located 17 km from the city center. Tampere has regular air connections with Helsinki and Stockholm, as well as with some other cities in Europe.
  8. Shopping centers – Koskikeskus and Ideapark (the largest in provinces of Pirkanmaa).
  9. Tampere is famous for its blood sausage – mustamakkara.
  10. Affordable local fast food chains – Hesburger and Kotipizza.


Tampere was founded in 1775 by the Swedish king Gustav III as a trade settlement Tammerfors, which after four years received city status. In the 19th century, like the rest of Finland, Tampere was part of the Russian Empire. During this period, he turned into a large industrial city that even got a nickname “Manchester of the North”.

Panorama of the city Panorama of the city

Tampere was one of the most advanced cities in Scandinavia. Here the first pulp and paper mill was launched, as well as the first electric lighting among all Scandinavian countries. Tampere remained a major industrial center until the mid-20th century. Subsequently, heavy industry declined, the city switched to knowledge-intensive production and research, and the old factory buildings were converted into offices, museums and art objects.


The city center is the oldest part of Tampere, where almost all sights and shops. Old Town is famous 19th century historic buildings and brick factory buildings which give it a special charm.

Tampere Industrial Heritage

Finlayson Finlayson

Finlayson – a collection of historic textile factory buildings Scottish factory of James Finlayson, located in the northern parts of Tampere. This factory was founded in 1820 and for a long time was one of the most important industrial sites in Scandinavia. The oldest building here dates back to 1837.

Tampella Tampella

Tampella is an old factory founded in 1844. First here a small blast furnace was built, which later grew to one of the largest industrial plants in Tampere. Now district Tampella is a popular place for culture and business. Many factory buildings were converted into offices and museums. Also here the highest factory pipe (104 m) is located, which belonged to a steam power plant.


Kalevskaya church Kalevskaya church

Kalevskaya church is a concrete minimalist building in the style of modernism built in 1966.

Old Church Old church

The old church is the oldest building in Tampere, built in 15 century long before the founding of the city. The church has no heating and It works only in the warm season.

Cathedral Cathedral Cathedral

The Cathedral is an impressive stone church in Finnish national style, designed by architect Lars Sonck and built in 1907.

Church of Alexander Church Alexandra

Alexander’s Church – a beautiful neo-gothic red building brick. The church is surrounded by a small park with old tombstones.

Old wooden church Old wooden church

The old wooden church is the oldest religious building in The historic center of Tampere, built in 1824.

Finlayson Church Church Finlayson

Church Finlayson – a religious building in the style of brick gothic built for workers of the same factory at the end of 19 century.

Other sights and attractions of Tampere

Vapriikki Vapriikki

Vapriikki – the largest and most interesting museum in Tampere, located in the old building of the factory Tampella. Presented here Finnish Natural History, Finnish Hall of Fame hockey, museum of mail and museum of minerals.

Pyunikki Observation tower Pyunikki

Pyunikki Observation Tower – 26-meter round stone tower with beautiful view of the city, built in the 1920s on the eponymous highlands.


Maps and guides

City map

Tampere on a map of Finland

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