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Stuttgart (Germany)

Stuttgart is one of the largest cities in Southern Germany and administrative center of the state of Baden-Wuertenberg. This city with population of more than 600 thousand people is one of the industrial capitals of the country. Here are the world famous headquarters car concerns Mercedes and Porsche. Amazing but rather large and industrial Stuttgart does not look like a megalopolis. In the city you feel quite comfortable. Interesting that local residents speak German with Swabian accent, which does not prevent them Be friendly and open even if your German is completely bad

Although Stuttgart was founded over 1000 years ago, it is not amaze you with a scattering of historical sights. But here there is still something to see! Stuttgart, first of all, the city high tech and industrial giants. It is the richest city Germany, although, probably, so immediately and unnoticed.

Stuttgart Panorama Panorama Stuttgart

The city is located in the historic area of ​​Swabia on the banks of the river Neckar. The climate is temperate with warm summers and mild winters. Heat usually from May to September. Although the rest of the time the weather is here comfortable. The average air temperature in summer is 20 degrees, in winter – about 0 degrees. Snow cover is usually not delayed by more than for a couple of weeks throughout the winter!

Stuttgart in winter Stuttgart in the winter

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In Antiquity in the vicinity of Stuttgart was located the Roman fortress. The city itself was founded in 950 by the Duke Ludolf, the son of the emperor Otto I. The Duke of Swabian built here stables and first fortifications. The settlement was named Stutengarten ( literally from the German mare’s garden) and subsequently reduced to Stuttgart.

In the first half of the 13th century, the settlement became owned Baden margrave, which gave Stuttgart city status. AT 1251 city received the nobles of Würtenberg. Stuttgart was in possession of this genus until 1918.

Stuttgart's historical center Historical center of stuttgart

In the first half of the 14th century, the city became the capital of the county. Würtenberg, and from the end of the 15th century – the duchy of the same name. In the 16th century for some time Stuttgart was under Austrian occupation.

After World War II, the city became the capital of the land. Baden-Wuerttemberg.

How to get there

Stuttgart has its own airport, which has flights not only from other cities of Germany and Europe, but also the USA. You can get from the airport to the city center on the S-Bahn line S2 and S3. The path will take half an hour. Stuttgart – a major transportation center. Getting here by train, bus or car is not difficult. Public transport is represented by metro lines, suburban trains and buses. The transport network has a zonal system and single ticket.

Night Stuttgart Night stuttgart

Shopping and shopping

Stuttgart’s main shopping street is Königstraße, which starts from the main train station. Shops work from monday to saturday until about 8pm. Sunday almost all shops are closed. The largest shopping center of Stuttgart Milaneo located near the main station. On the market square in Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday the market works.

Market Square (Marktplatz) Market square


The most popular and interesting sights Stuttgart

New Castle New Castle

New Castle – the last big baroque castle in Germany, built in the late 18th century. It was laid down by Karl Würtenberg as a kind of German Versailles. This is a huge palace complex, having three wings and sculptures on balustrades.

Castle Square Castle square

Castle Square is one of the central squares of Stuttgart, adjacent to the new castle and being the center of the main trading Königstraße street. The area is a popular place among the townspeople and guests of the city. In the center stands a column dedicated to the anniversary of the reign of King William, established in the 19th century. Also here are built several fountains and benches installed. If you go down to the river Neckar, you can walk in the castle the garden.

Old lock Old Castle

The old castle is one of the oldest places in Stuttgart. This building began its history in the 10th century. In the 14th century after the transition of the city under the power of the Würtenberg castle was substantially rebuilt. Interesting, that despite numerous changes and restructuring the castle retained medieval character. Lost its value in the 18th century after the construction of the new castle.

Market Hall – the construction of the beginning of the last century in the art-nouveau style. Here you can buy the freshest products.

TV TV tower

The Stuttgart TV Tower was built in the middle of the 20th century. It has height of 217 meters.

Schillerplatz Schillerplatz

Next to the Old Castle is the Schillerplatz square, named after the famous German poet and philosopher Friedrich Schiller In the center of the square is his sculpture. Here is located the oldest brick building of Stuttgart – Old the office and the oldest church of Stuttgart – Monastic.

Monastic church Monastic church

Monastery Church – Protestant church, founded in 12 century. In the 14-15 centuries, the church was significantly rebuilt in style late gothic. Ulrich Wuertenberg and his wife.

Mercedes Museum Mercedes Museum

The Mercedes Museum is an automobile museum of more than a century of history. one of the most famous car brands in the world. On the square in 16 500 square meters more than 150 cars and 1 500 exhibits.

Another interesting museum is another legendary museum. car brand – Porsche. It exhibits more than 80 cars.

Stuttgart Football Club Stadium Stadium football club stuttgart

Football stadium of Stuttgart club – the main sports team Swabia playing in the Bundesliga.

Opera Opera

Stuttgart Opera is one of the most important opera houses in Germany. The historic building was built in the 17th century and belongs to the style Renaissance.

Church Church of sv. John’s

Novogoticheskaya Church of sv. John was built at the end of 19 century. Located in a picturesque place on the bank of artificial the reservoir.

We also recommend to visit the original Stuttgar area – Bean quarter. Once upon a time there lived the poor who grew and They ate beans and peas. Now there are antique shops, artists’ studios, cozy cafes and wine bars.

One of the most romantic places in the city is the chapel, built by King William in memory of his beloved wife


Maps and guides

Stuttgart tourist map: attractions and routes

Stuttgart on the map

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