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Stockholm – cozy and majestic

Stockholm stands apart from the rest of Europe. cities. On the one hand, he is fussy, in some way too special but on the other hand it is so cozy that it doesn’t even I want to leave him. These colorful houses are fascinating and constantly remind how varied Stockholm is. You can wander for hours along its streets, opening the city from different sides. But in every country, in each city there are certain places that are definitely worth it to visit. Stockholm is no exception.

The historical center of StockholmThe historic center of Stockholm

Sights of Stockholm

Start learning Stockholm follows from its historical center, then eat from the Old Town, or as it is called by the local resident “Gamla Stana “where the main attractions. Here you will see the majestic residence of the Swedish royal family. The history of this building is as amazing, as in Stockholm itself. Once every few years the royal palace was burning. It was destroyed several times by fire. completely, but it again, and again restored.

For residents of Stockholm, a kind of cult is known in Nobel man in the world, thanks to whom the homonymous premium. It is awarded only to those who have achieved some success in most different spheres of our life. Therefore, it is not surprising that it was in Stockholm that the Nobel Museum was created. is he located in the already known to us Old Town.

In Gamla Stane, some churches are worthy of attention, in particular The Church of St. Nicholas, the German Church and the Finnish Church. AT in terms of architecture, they are very different from each other, but in this you can find only advantages, because there is an opportunity to look at several architectural styles in almost the same place.

Winter StockholmWinter Stockholm

Interesting places are not only in the Old Town. One of главных достопримечательностей Стокгольма считается Globen Arena .This is a huge ball, inside of which arena hockey matches, performances and even concerts. From here you can go on a small trip on the funicular. From his booths It offers an incredibly beautiful view of the city, which can take a picture and take a video.

Globen Arena Глобен-арена

There are countless numbers in Sweden museums, each of which attracts not only tourists but also themselves Swedes. But the real gem is the National Museum of Sweden. Here is one of the largest collections of art, including paintings, sculptures and more.

To be in Stockholm and not to look at the city from one of numerous boats and boats is simply impossible. Capital of sweden with water looks a little different than when walking through the cute and cozy streets. Only in this way can you get a complete picture and find out the real Stockholm.

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