Solkan, Slovenia: the most detailed information about Solkan, the main attractions with photos and descriptions, location on map.

Solkan (Slovenia)

Solkan – a small village in Slovenia near the city Nova Gorica. The settlement is located in a picturesque valley where the river Socha, draining from the Alps, rushes to the Mediterranean Sea. Archaeologists claim that Solkan is the oldest settlement of the neighborhood. Its history dates back to the Roman period. The first mention of Solkane date back to 1001 year.

Solkansky bridge Solkansky bridge

The main attractions of Solkan:

– Solkansky bridge – the longest stone railway bridge in the world. This picturesque bridge is built in a beautiful natural terrain over the emerald waters of the river Socha.

– Church of sv. Stefan – an old church in the heart of the Old cities.

– Church and museum on Holy Mountain.

Solkan on the map of Slovenia

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