Snake Species in Thailand and First Aid with a bite

Snakes in Thailand – a country with hot tropical climate is the most common habitat the jungle. You can even meet them in busy places. therefore Tourists should be very careful not only during excursions and walks, but also near the hotel. After all, most of these reptiles pose a certain danger which can lead to the most dire consequences.

What kind of snakes worth avoiding immediately

Before you go to any country in Southeast Asia, It is worth getting acquainted not only with the culture and the list of what is there can be bought, but also with what snakes are found in Thailand. This will allow you, first of all, to dodge from meeting with certainly dangerous, poisonous reptiles. And in the second is to know who bit you or your companion, because it’s not there is a single antidote serum for all occasions.

Of all the varieties of reptiles (175), large Part of it is no threat. And the remaining 70 bite only in self-defense, and the moment of attack, they usually precede the demonstration of the threat.

King Cobra in Thailand

King Cobra

Krayt in Thailand


First of all it concerns the cobras warning the unwary travelers posture, loose “hood” and loud hissing. Along with the edge, they are the most venomous snakes Thailand Their poison contains neurotoxin, whose action leads to paralysis of muscles – respiratory and skeletal. The probability of death after a bite, if not entered antidote is very high – up to 50 percent.

Malay shchitomordnik in Thailand

Malay shchitomordnik

Chain Viper in Thailand

Chain Viper

The second most dangerous are the Malay shchitomordnik and chain viper. The effect of their poison is based on the formation of blood clots in blood vessels. Around the bite site may form a strong swelling followed by tissue necrosis.

Kufiya in Thailand


Asp in Thailand


Kufis and Asps have a rather psychological effect, although their bite is very painful, and the probability of death is not exceeds 10 percent. However, it is worth agreeing that experiencing fate during a serene break is not the most Best offer.

Boyga in Thailand


Green Whip in Thailand

Green strip

Absolutely you can not be afraid of long-tooth snakes, bogey snakes and weave-like. However, do not consider meeting with them as a reason for revenge upon the whole kin of reptiles. Do not forget that you have them in Away, respect the owners and keep propriety.

Sea Snake in Thailand

Sea snake

Sea snakes in Thailand, though poisonous, but in the strength of the structure of your body is not too dangerous. Poisonous teeth They are located far in the depths of the pharynx, and the mouth opening so little that they can not bite. Unless, of course, put your finger in their mouths deliberately. This is especially true in respect of children whose members are quite thin.

What to do when meeting

There are no snakes in Thailand that intentionally lie in wait, waiting for a gaping tourist. They live their life, practically not intersecting in its course with a man, and poison is used for hunting or self defense. Snake bite is quite an adequate reaction with her hand if you step on it.

Therefore, look at your feet and around you. In some way it will allow you not only get away with trouble, but also know the country where you stay. Critically dangerous meeting distance equals the length of a snake’s body is the distance over which it can make a throw. But it is better to take for him 1 meter. Seeing the serpent at a greater distance, do not make sudden movements, stand aside smoothly. This will allow to avoid triggering her hunting instinct – for her the victim he who fears and flees. Do not try to scare her. Reptile may decide that the danger from you is so great that it is better to attack.

It’s really dangerous if you meet a snake, as they say, nose to nose. In this case, trying to turn your back and run – quite a natural reaction – probably will end with a bite. Harbor breathing and let the snake decide for itself what it is best to do. AT ninety cases out of a hundred, she will try to elude you. There are recommendations to look a snake in the eye. It’s not only it is ridiculous – they do not succumb to hypnosis and cannot read thoughts, but also dangerous, because in Thailand there is such a kind of snake as spitting cobra. She attacks, spitting poison into her eyes the victims. Even if you are sure that the snake of danger is not presents, bypass her side.

Snake Show in Thailand

A popular snake show in Thailand is not a spectacle. faint of heart!

First Aid at the taste of spices in Thailand

Not only poisonous snakes bite, and a trace of teeth of a snake can be similar to what the cobra leaves. Even if a poisonous snake attacked, she could not inject poison – for example, he did not have time to work out in enough after a successful hunt. Forget westerns where they pick a wound with a knife and suck blood together with poison. So you only aggravate the situation.

If a snake bit in Thailand, then in the first queue do not panic and do not waste time. Panic is also dangerous that the heart palpitations of the bitten provokes an accelerated the spread of poison in the body along with increased current blood.

  1. If possible, kill the snake. If this fails, do not start chasing her, just try to remember the details (the coloring, the shape of the spots and the head) of how it looks (better take a picture). This will give the opportunity to choose the desired type. antidote serum.
  2. Treat the bite area as if it were a normal cut or scratch to avoid secondary infection.
  3. Remove rings, bracelets and wrist watches so that they do not fixed tightly with swelling of the extremities.
  4. Fix the bitten limb (for example, loop scarf and put a hand in it). The less movements, the poison spreads more slowly.
  5. If you cannot reach the nearest medical center before 30 minutes, then put pressure on the bite site bandage to slow down blood circulation in the affected limbs.
  6. Do not drink alcohol, it accelerates the spread of poison.
  7. Try not to worry and avoid physical exertion – it speeds up the heartbeat spreading venom through the body.

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