Should I marry a secret girl and what is “sin-honeycomb”?

No wedding in Thailand does without such an item like a bride price. In Russia, this is another reason to raise a glass, have fun and pay tribute to the tradition. Another thing in Thailand, this action is still given sacred significance. So, if you decide to go secretly, then it is worth knowing in advance everything that can be encountered along the way.

What we used to call “kalym” in Thailand wears another name, although it does not change the essence. Bride price Southeast Asian version is called “sin-honeycomb.” Marrying taykebez redemption impossible. Most likely, that even the chosen one herself will consider herself offended if not for her paid fee.

What is syn-honeycomb

How much does a baht cost you a honeycomb, you learn only after you talk to the relatives of the bride. Just do not try to reduce everything to a joke, and come for the object. his adoration without money. Parents of the bride will not let you in, until every baht is counted. The bride is taken out of the house only in If the amount paid is equal to the amount negotiated.

And don’t think that syn-cell is racial discrimination, which all farangs are exposed to. In this country they pay for the bride all, the only question is how much will Thai a wedding, and is there any standards.

So, how much can you do tayka Let’s first voice the value of the lower and upper price limits of the Sin-Cell, and then we proceed to what it depends on. final amount. Less than 10,000 baht for the bride will not be asked because all that is below this price is the cost, sorry, Thai prostitutes. The upper limit does not exist. There are cases when the bride pay millions baht.

Marry a secret woman

The last thing you will be asked for is “a modest girl, out of village “. 10,000 baht for the Thai peasant – a decent amount. City girls with whom you meet in a bar are not less than 200 thousand baht. Even if she has experience in intimate services. But if a girl with education, from a good family, and even and never engaged in prostitution, then without a million, at least in your pocket you better not appear to her parents in the eye.

Attention! Dear men, do not be naive by relation to marriage to the secret. Check her thoroughly to her love for you was sincere. The fact is that lately cases of divorce on their part. I.e. first she swears to you of faithful love forevermore, and after a while after the wedding, decides to throw you and leave with nothing. If you have there will be a general housing and a car, it can take both another.

At the moment in Thailand, a lot of gullible homeless farang and only Russian victims cheating taek. You can even watch a video on this topic.

Video report “How do the Thai cheat farang”

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