Secrets of the life of Russians in Thailand – how to move forever and ever?

Today we will tell you about the guys who moved to Thailand over a year ago. We decided to write about them because they doing useful work, shoot videos on YouTube about their lives in Thailand, reveal various aspects for those who have never was not here. Perhaps someone already knows them, from time to time we We meet their videos on the Internet, because often looking for information on Thailand for writing articles.

As we have said, they live in Thailand for the second year and all this time they shoot a video on their YouTube channel Eternal Summer, now at There are about 200 useful videos on the topic of relocation and the life of Russians in Thailand: – they really reveal useful topics, chips and secrets of living in Thailand. When we just saw their videos, they thought that the next bloggers who will be blown away in a couple of months … But this did not happen, they continue shoot, shoot and shoot, it looks like they do it, now u one of the most popular travel and life channels Thailand.

Thailand travel video

The guys not only live in one place, they often arrange travel in Thailand – go to different parts of the country, as far as we know they already filmed Chiang Mai, Phuket, Pattaya and most likely on this they will not stop. We can assume that they are also peep at Krabi, Samui and Hua Hin, because these places no less popular for tourists.

After watching the trailer for their trip to Phuket, we realized that guys come to work on the video with the soul, because just loving You can do your job so beautifully:

Another feature of the guys from the Eternal Summer channel is that that they make good videos, without a mat and some kind of dill, therefore You can watch them with children of any age, this is a big plus.

Therefore, if you have plans to move to Thailand for permanent residence or just take a tour of the tour for 10 days, the guys channel you will be useful because They tell all about holiday in Thailand, often visit various excursions and say whether it is worth visiting them or not. Naturally, food in Thailand interests everyone, they don’t bypass, but rather eat as much as possible, so the video They have a lot on this subject, here’s one of them:

In general, if you are interested in the story, as these guys from the channel Eternal Summer decided to move to Thailand, you can say their biography, then on their website, in the section about authors you can learn about them almost everything: – without embarrassment they They told how they decided to take this step.

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