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San Marino – the most detailed information about the country with a photo. Main sights of the Republic of San Marino with a description guides and maps.

Republic of San Marino

San Marino is a dwarf state in southern Europe. Is located in the northeastern part of the Apennine Peninsula, 10 km from Rimini and is surrounded on all sides by Italy. San Marino is the oldest in the world Republic and one of the smallest countries in the world. Square The state is just over 60 square kilometers. Despite this, San Marino is extremely fascinating. direction. The historical center of the republic, located on the mountain Monte Titano, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and preserved medieval architecture, atmosphere and ancient fortress walls.

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Geography and climate

San Marino is located in the northeast of the Apennine Peninsula near the Adriatic Sea. Republic occupies the slopes of the mountain (which is actually a high hill) Monte Titano and her foot The climate is subtropical Mediterranean. Summer is warm but not hot. Winters are mild, but colder than on the coast.

Mount Monte Titano Mountain slopes Monte Titano

Best time to visit

San Marino can be visited all year round.

Practical information

  1. The population is 33.5 thousand people.
  2. The area is 61.2 square kilometers.
  3. The official language is Italian.
  4. Currency – Euro.
  5. Visa – Schengen.
  6. Time – Central European UTC +1, in summer +2.
  7. Religion – Catholicism.


According to legend, San Marino was founded in 301 by a stonecutter Marin and his followers. He was a member with his friends one of the first Christian communities. Leaving Rab Island (Territory modern Croatia), Marin took refuge on Monte Titano mountain. Here he founded a quarry and built a small cell on top. The fame of his life quickly spread throughout the neighborhood and attracted numerous pilgrims. A monastery was founded on the mountain named after saint marina.

Night in San Marino Night at San marino

The existence of the monastery on the top of Monte Titano has been known since 6 century. The monastery lived an independent life and almost no one. did not depend. In fact, the independence of San Marino received in 855 year The heads of state are two captains regent elected every six months. San Marino is believed to be the oldest Republic in the world and one of the oldest states on the planet. On throughout its history, this country avoided conflict and lived quiet peaceful life.

On October 8, 1600, a constitution was adopted. Interesting that in the time of the Napoleonic wars San Marino has preserved not only neutrality, but also independence. Also in the 19th century, in the period Risorgimento, in recognition of the support provided Republic fighters for unification, Giuseppe Garibaldi took San Marino desire to preserve independence. During the First World War War Republic joined the Entente. During the Second World War maintained neutrality. At the same time, the country collaborated with the Italian fascists and even some time was occupied by German by the troops.

Medieval towers of San Marino Medieval towers of san marino

How to get there

The nearest airport is in Italian Rimini, like Train Station. You can also use the airports Bologna and Ancona. Bonelli 72 bus departs daily from Rimini in San Marino with a fairly regular interval. Bus The station is located opposite the train station. Tickets available buy from the driver or in the tourist information center.

How to get to Rimini – see the article about the city.

Shopping and shopping

San Marino is a great place to shop. Buy here clothes, shoes, perfumes and cosmetics, electronics, music instruments. The main advantage of shopping in this tiny state is the absence of VAT on goods.

Shopping centers:

  • Big & Chic – Via Strada dei Censiti, 1 – 47891 Rovereta
  • Azzurro – Via M. Moretti, 23 – 47899 Serravalle
  • Atlante – Via Tre Settembre, 17

The historic center of San Marino Historical center of san marino

Food and drink

San Marino gastronomy is a reflection of the region’s cuisine Emilia-Romagna: tortelloni (tortelli), lasagna, spaghetti with sauce bolognese, passatelli, prosciutto, various types of cheese, cappelletti, pizza.

Streets of San Marino Streets San marino


The old town on the top of Monte Titano Old city on top of monte titano

The oldest core of the republic is at the top of the mountain Monte Titano. Here is the capital of this miniature State, also called San Marino. This the medieval city covers an area of ​​7.09 square kilometers and lies at an altitude of more than 700 meters. This is an area of ​​old streets and stone buildings, ancient walls and towers, as well as the most interesting attractions.

The historic center of San Marino, in fact, was strengthened by three rows of city walls built in three different periods and in largely destroyed to allow the city expand.

Guaita Guaita

The most iconic landmarks of San Marino are the three medieval towers that have been looking down from the top for centuries Monte Titano and are symbols of the freedom and independence of the ancient of the republic.

Guaita or the First Tower – the most picturesque and beautiful Medieval tower of San Marino. Built in the 10th century on the rocky basis without any foundation. The tower was strengthened at 15 and 16 centuries. Adjacent to it are two rows of fortress walls with battlements and small towers at the corners. Baroque stone coat of arms dates back to 1600 and was previously on the facade of the town hall.

Cesta Cesta

Cesta or Second Tower – located at the highest peak Monte Titano and built in the 11th century. Used as a watchdog tower and prison until the 16th century. Now here is a museum ancient weapons.

Montale Montale

Montale or the Third Tower – built in the 13th century and is the most the smallest of the three. You can see big boulders around Montale. very ancient rocks, laid out primitively in the shape of a wall. Also there is an old prison.

Palazzo Pubbliko Palazzo Pubblico

Palazzo Pubblico or Town Hall – the main building on Freedom Square. It was built in the neo-gothic style of Francesco Azzurri at the end of 19 century. The facade is decorated with the emblems of the republic and four municipalities. Freedom Square is one of the centers of urban life. Several times in Day here is the ceremony of changing the guard of guard.

Basilica of the Holy Basilica holy

Saint Basilica – the main temple of San Marino, which houses the power of the founder. Built in the 19th century and is a building. neoclassical style with Corinthian columns. Interior – classic basilica style with a long nave and two side passages. The current church is built on the site of the ancient religious buildings of the 4th century. This is a serious loss to the story, since one of the first pre-romanian Christian was destroyed monuments in Italy.

Church of San Francesco Church San francesco

The church of San Francesco was founded in 1361. At present time is the oldest religious building in San Marino.

Museums of San Marino

On the territory of San Marino there are several interesting museums:

  • The National Museum is an excellent museum with collections from Egyptian antiquities to Byzantine icons, paintings of the 17th century and vintage coins.
  • Wax Museum – more than 100 famous historical figures personalities.
  • The Museum of Curiosities is one of the most unusual museums in San Marino. Here you can find collections of the most peculiar and strange items.
  • Rosso Ferrari Museum – vintage car exposition the legendary Italian car brand.
  • Museum of modern weapons – more than 2000 samples of firearms weapons, ammunition and bayonets used in the First and Second world war.


Maps and guides

Historical Center Map

San Marino on the map

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