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City Safranbolu (Turkey)

Safranbolu is a city in northwestern Turkey. Located to the west The Black Sea region is 90 km from the sea and 220 km north of Ankara. The main attraction of Safranbol is the old city, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with charming old Ottoman houses and a wonderful historical atmosphere. An interesting feature is also saffron growing in the vicinity, which caused the name cities.

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Geography and climate

Safranbolu is located in the west of the Black Sea region in historical area Paflagoniya. The city is located at the foot of the mountains in 90 km from the Black Sea coast. Climate – temperate with warm summer and cool winters.

Winter Safranbolu Winter Safranbolu

Best time to visit

The period from June to September, when kept warm and dry weather. In May, it often rains in Safranbolu.

Old Safranbolu Old Safranbolu

Practical information

  1. The population is more than 50 thousand people.
  2. The language is Turkish.
  3. The currency is Turkish Lira.
  4. Visa – for up to 60 days it is enough to have a passport whose actions are more than four months from the date of entry into Turkey
  5. Time – UTC +2, in summer +3.


In the 11th century, here was the Byzantine city of Dadibra, which was conquered by the Seljuks at the end of the 12th century. Turks evicted or destroyed the local Christian population and renamed the city. Safranbolu flourished in the 14th century, when the city was an intermediate point on the trade route to Istanbul.

Safranbolu Safranbolu

How to get there

The nearest major international airport is in Ankara. Safranbolu has regular buses from Istanbul, Ankara, Samsun.

Shopping and shopping

Traditional souvenirs and products can be bought at the Arasta bazaar. The most popular purchases are saffron, leather, textiles, lace, local halva (tahini).

Panorama Safranbolu Panorama Safranbolu

Food and drink

In Safranbolu you should try traditional flavored food saffron.

Great restaurants:

  • Adanadan Dürümce, Kaya Erdem Cad. 40
  • Zencefil Traditional Restaurant (Zencefil), Cinci Han Arkası Sok. No: 11


Old city Old city

The symbol of Safranbol is the old city (Çarşı), which included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is located on the hillside and is known for its narrow cobblestone streets and ancient wooden Ottoman houses. Most buildings are 16-17 century and built by the rich Ottomans when Safranbolu became rich trading city. Many houses are well renovated in style. historical authenticity and converted to hotels and restaurants.

Cinci hamam Cinci Hamam

Cinci Hamam is a traditional historical Ottoman bath.

Mehmet Pasha's Mosque Mehmet Mosque Pasha

Mehmet Pasha’s Mosque – a small squat mosque built in the 17th century. It has one minaret and a rather beautiful interior.

Caravanserai Caravanserai

Caravan Saray – parking of caravans built in Safranbolu in the 17th century.

Incekaya Incekaya

Incekaya – a Byzantine aqueduct located above the picturesque gorge Tokatly.

Kastamonu Kastamonu

Interesting places around Safranbolu:

  • Yörük Köyü – a small village with a number of magnificent old Ottoman mansions.
  • Kastamonu is a small town with provincial Turkish charm, wonderful traditional architecture and a lively bazaar. Above the city towers the Byzantine fortress.
  • Küre Daǧları – picturesque mountains with untouched nature: forest, lakes, waterfalls, thermal springs.


Maps and guides

Tourist Card

Safranbolu on the map of Turkey

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