Road Trip Basics

Check your car before a long drive.

Your trip and the impression of it entirely depends on the “health” car. Check all fluids before traveling. engine oil, tire pressure, and follow all necessary maintenance and technical work (if their time). Be sure to take a small container with you. coolant (antifreeze) and the right engine oil, and also air compressor, basic tooling and first aid kit.

Take a charge for gadgets and portable batteries

On a long trip, the gadget may run down. Therefore always bring along car chargers with several ports or portable batteries to make it possible to connect several devices at once.

Download multiple navigation software.

For safety, download several different programs to the gadget. for navigation. It is also better to install them immediately on several devices. A paper road map will also be helpful.

In our journey, once the smartphone broke, which was installed navigator. Lucky that before the trip was loaded alternative program to another device. Also once on the roads of Italy in the navigator there was no part of the maps (or was damaged). Another program brought us to our destination without problems.

Keep car snacks and wet wipes

Snacks (various dried fruits, nuts, crackers) will allow to eat on the go, save money and stop less often.

Explore the route

Study your route before the trip, plan the approximate places power and refueling. Trip planning can be much the same. as exciting as the journey itself. It also helps to make the trip is much more organized.

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