Reverse currents or how not to drown on vacation in Thailand

Many Russians, the first time being on the coast of Thailand, not imagine how dangerous the reverse flow is water is quite common in marine areas, subject to ebb and flow. I don’t want to scare anyone, but most of the cases of drowning in Thailand are associated with it. AND the cause of the tragedy is often not even so much his cunning – it arises quite unexpectedly, how much ignorance of elementary rules of what to do when hitting this stream.

Reverse currents in Thailand meet everywhere, their strength is directly dependent on how coastal the water area is close to the open ocean, and is there any between them any obstacles (islands). That is why the reverse currents on Phuket (the best beaches of Phuket island) most frequent and strong.

What is this phenomenon?

Reverse currents in the sea always occur near coast. This phenomenon occurs due to the fact that backed to the shore tidal wave or surf masses of water must necessarily otllyut back to the ocean. At some point in time, finding the point where the force tide or tide the smallest they break through them in back side. Such points of weakening in the wave front are where in the bottom relief there are peculiar gutters, perpendicular coastline. Reverse flow expands and deepens them. On the beaches of the west coast of Phuket island width of such channels the current reaches 15 meters, and their length is 20–30 meters.

Rip stream in Thailand

Reverse currents in the ocean are somewhat different. nature They usually arise from the collision of moving water. with obstacles (islands, reefs). Often they lock in with main water flow in a circle with a diameter of several nautical miles. Such the course can be dangerous only to those who like to swim away. Getting out of it is almost impossible for a swimmer.

When does it occur?

Rip stream in Thailand, so it is called scientific language, can occur both during diurnal tides and ebbs and weather conditions. During storms, usual in the period from May to October, rip currents occur randomly, representing a particular danger to those unfamiliar with local conditions. Although exaggerate the awareness of local people in This question also does not follow. In a strong storm reverse flow breaks a new course in a sandy beach in a few minutes.

How to recognize it?

The rip current in Thailand is so ordinary and common phenomenon that often on the beaches you can see two red flags or Rip Current packs set to waterline. They denote the existing and well-known channel. reverse flow. Going into the water between them is very dangerous. Service rescue and the police strictly ensure that tourists do not violate forbidden line. For greater clarity for this act is provided large fine. If there are no such flags, then only natural observation. True, signs of reverse flow so obvious that it isn’t necessary to be an experienced tracker.

How not to drown in Thailand

As a rule, such a channel is noticeable in a continuous strip of the surf as narrow area with relatively calm water. In addition, water on this site is muddy. The bottom suspension constantly swirls in the water column reminding boiling soup.

What to do when hitting a rip current?

Answer the question: “how not to drown on vacation in Thailand? “- one thing is not possible. Much depends on your own prudence, but also on the knowledge of the rules of safety when hitting the rip current.

Reverse currents in Thailand

1. First of all, you should know that this is spontaneous, almost unstoppable force, emerge victorious from rivalry with which can only trick. It’s best not to allow reverse flow captured you completely. If you accidentally logged in rip gutter and felt that the current began to enthrall you away from the shore, then carefully, trying as closely as possible to rest kicked into the sand, go ashore. If it picks you up, then swim against the stream, the speed of which can reach 10 km per hour useless.

2. If the stream has already carried you into the ocean, then try keep cool and remember that the rip trough is wrong too wide. Floating perpendicular to the flow, you quickly enough reach the edge of the stream. True, during this time you can take out sea ​​meters one hundred. If the sea is calm enough and you have kept most of the forces you can go ashore on their own.

3. Once in the reverse flow, do not be scared beyond measure. Cases when he pulled swimmers under the water, never was observed. So do not flounder and do not cry. Besides that this will allow you to save the strength you need to return to shore, you do not swallow salt water. Strong tropical pickle Sea corrodes the gastrointestinal tract and causes blood clots. The reason for the death of a swimmer in most cases is precisely this.

4. If there is no rescue service on the beach, then someone from your companies must stay on shore, otherwise give a signal disaster will be just no one. Provide some view signal indicating danger.

5. Be prudent and do not assume that if you are good swimmer, then absolutely nothing to fear. As a rule, those who drown nothing is afraid and swims too far. Marine rule practices “consider yourself closer to danger than it actually is” is the main guarantee of your well-being.

6. If you have consumed Thai alcohol, even at the small quantities, give up swimming completely. This is a common The rule for all reservoirs – from village ponds, to oceanic waters of Thailand.

7. Having a rescue service on the beach does not mean that you will be removed from the water in a few seconds. It will take some time to to start the engine, go to sea and find the victim there. With See this among the waves of a man without a bright life jacket colors can be very difficult.

8. If you are carried away by a rip stream, try, using tidal current and dodging from covering with head waves, slowly raking up to the shore. So you save power and get on board the rescue boat faster.


In conclusion, I would like to say that dangerous rip currents are not a reason to completely abandon the beach holiday and swimming in the waters of Thailand. Be careful and prudent, remember about how to act if you hit the rip current and rest in This exotic country is not overshadowed by anything.

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