Puy du Foo Amusement Park

Puy du Fou Park is just 400 km from Paris, in French department of Vendée. This is one of the most famous France places for family holidays, made in a unique historical and educational style. So impressive and awesome The span is characteristic of French parks built and tasteful. decorated by people in love with the great history of French of the republic. Theme of the largest and most famous amusement park in Europe is dedicated to the history of the country from the most ancient since the beginning of the XX century. Performed as a reconstruction of all major events and the largest theater of military and historical action Puy du Foo is both educational and entertainment center. It is not only possible get lost the first time a person got here, but also fall in love with it great space, and want to stay here forever. The creators of the unique spectacle did everything to the atmosphere Grand French history has covered everyone who lucky to get here.

History of creation

Today this place is often compared to the famous Disneyland, but it is a very special and unique structure that affects its atmosphere and impressions. Sad ruins medieval castle, overgrown with nettles and weeds attracted attention of an admirer of the history of his country, a famous politician and businessman Philip le Joly de Villiers de Sentinon. Idea the performance of Sinescen – magnificent costume spectacle-reconstruction, first born June 13, 1977, and became starting point for deciding to recreate an ancient castle, and to carry out in it theatrical productions. The first historical performance was delivered a little over a year later, June 16, 1978.

The restored castle has become a historically accurate decoration. for a fabulous costume performance, giving it unique atmosphere of true history. Conceived as a theater under open-air, Puy du Fou gradually turned into a grand park entertainment, outgrown its original purpose. On more than 45 hectares of land were built sites, thematically dedicated to different historical eras. The creators have done everything possible to be historically accurate using all surviving visual evidence. A single task was devoted and landscape, and costumes and household items, and costumes of each era. The visitor can enjoy any historical period – from ancient times to antiquity, from the Great French Revolution to World War II.

The pearl of the proposed exhibition was the performance, which served as the starting point of its creation. On the annual summer performance you can enjoy the enchanting spectacle that lasts more than two hours. In the historical performance involved 3 000 actors, riders, guards and technicians. The show is colored 1500 fountains, 3000 fireworks, laser three-dimensional decorations and aqua lights. Anyone fortunate enough to witness of such a view, will not only remember him all life, but also dream to visit again.

Puy du Fou ParkPuy du Foo Park


Puy du Foo amusement park can also be reached on a personal car, and public transport. Territory entertainment complex is located near Nantes, in the west of France. The tvg train follows from paris to town Angers, the main city of the historic area of ​​Anjou and the Department of Man and loire. A bus takes visitors to the park. Amusement rides open daily from mid-April to September. In the summer show and a grand performance-reconstruction. Tickets available book in advance or buy on the spot, arriving in the park on all day or weekend. Unique amusement park The complex will give a lot of impressions and unforgettable minutes.

Amusement rides

The territory of almost 50 hectares is filled with all sorts of attractions, from which captures the spirit of all visitors. Views in Puy du Foo Park takes place during the day and at night. Most Popular – rides “Vikings”, “Sign of Triumph”, “Musketeer Richelieu”, “The secret of the spear”, “Ball of twin birds”. New erected gradually and reproduced all the new significant historical periods:

  • compositions of the ancient era, allowing to enjoy racing on chariots or spectacular gladiator fights, feel the atmosphere The great roman empire;
  • medieval castles for children where every child can feel like a prince or princess;
  • forge where you can see the process of creating weapons and medieval agricultural tools;
  • the imaginary world of La Fontaine, where the heroes of his fables roam, animals speaking human language;
  • Old Square with a real French bistro;
  • episodes of the Vandeysky wars that shook the territory of France;
  • a labyrinth of animals.

All this, and more, can be seen during the grandiose Odyssey in the park. Amazing resting place was created by the best. artists, engineers, architects and screenwriters. The specialists able to completely recreate the atmosphere of each ancient era and present a special world in the park. Costumes of the participants Attractions and performances were created by technology appropriate era, and you can see the breeds of animals that bred during the Middle Ages in French villages. On The Coliseum arena, for example, there are gladiator fights, races on chariots, a show in which Spartak takes part, and in In the medieval Renaissance castle, each hall is filled with awesome and beautiful. In it, the pictures talk among themselves, ghosts track guests along with magical mirrors, and present unexpected and surprising surprises. Sounds, voices, strange rustles – all this allows you to plunge into the atmosphere Gothic novel and completely forget about the present.

Puy du Fou ParkPuy du Foo Park

Puy du Fou – a huge open-air theater

In the season when the park is open, performances take place there every day and continuously. Small miniatures and scenes from past eras, grand performances with a lot of participants, nightly, under sounds of classical music on the water, spectacular shows and genre scenes for visitors who prefer certain sites. Historical buildings, landscaped gardens and jumping fountains, an ancient fortress of the X century, the village of the XVIII century, ancient palace, the Colosseum and the park itself is an amazing well-kept.

In 2013, the legend of the Knight of the Round Table was staged and his friend Merlin, in which everyone can take part, solve Secrets of the Magic Lake and get Escalibur as a gift.

For lovers of sentimental stories – Lovers from Verdun, delivered for the first time in 2015 and telling about terrible events First World War. Being present at the performance, the audience is transferred on the snow-covered fields on the front line on Christmas Eve 1916, Simple correspondence of one of the soldiers and his bride touches to the depths the soul and the beautiful style of presentation, and the skill involved actors.

In the evening show of the festival of fire, hundreds of musicians take part, and since 2009 it has collected thousands of viewers, who always have enjoys success.

The light-music night show la Cinéscénie takes place simultaneously on 10 scenic platforms. Its scale invariably hit park visitors, because it takes about an hour and a half, with synchronized participation of more than 1,200 actors. 3D video projections stunning scenery, 24 thousand costumes – all this makes an indelible impression and remains in the memory as one of most unforgettable life experiences.

Puy du Fou ParkPuy du Foo Park

Puy du Fou Park – unique and unforgettable

The accurately recreated atmosphere of the past shows no only how the French lived during the reign of kings, but also allows you to experience and experience the everyday atmosphere Celtic settlements, ancient Rome, fairy tales of fairy tales. The territory is decorated with a unique interesting landscape, architecture buildings and buildings makes every tourist feel fully ancient era. The grand scenery is impressive in its scale and scope. A show in the Colosseum collects about 600 daily viewers. There is a riding school in the park, souvenir shop, water theater and falcon academy.

In every corner of the park are held grand in its beauty and scale historical performances. In the store you can buy antique toys, figures of knights and horses, various memorabilia gifts and delicious sweets. In different parts of the park contains about 1,400 animals and more than 500 birds of prey from all over Europe, on which you can admire during the famous falconry. More than 20 restaurants and cafes can feed any number. hungry guests, and do it with an indescribable culinary skill.

Four hotels where those who have forgotten can stay for the night time, enchanted by the wonders of the park, will give guests to hear distant roar of roman lions, admire the interior of the era dynasty of the Merovingians, or stop at the camp of golden tents, where recreated the atmosphere of Francis 1 and Heinrich U111. From the first step under canopy of amazing landscape and until the last minute spent in the marvelous creation of artists and decorators, Parc du Fou will remain a dazzling and magical tale for a man of any age.

Maps and guides

Park Map

Puy du Fou Amusement Park on the map

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